A list of my rants and raves
People who are lazyReally, if you don't know, is it too much that you could go and find out? How often have you gone into a store where people have no clue of what they are supposed to and they just give blank stares and couldn't even bother to find out.
EMOsOkay, so having a personality disorder that would be considered self inflicted bipolarism is COOL? Bah
People who say "chemicals"Maybe it's just that i'm a chemisict (as Bryan says), maybe it's because I hate ignorant people. But to say "i'm not going to eat that 'cuz it has CHEMICALS in it" is so wrong. EVERYTHING IS CHEMICALS you jackass!
People who try to interfere with you while you play your pipesLike when we do the shows in the bars or whatnot. We're playing and the people will just come up to you and play with your drones or try screaming at you. Just let me finish playing first THEN I will interact with you, they're like little babies.
"what i like about you" tv showargh, those people are sooo annoying. if there are truly any people like that in real life, where's Darwin's theory acting to hope they don't procreate.
Reality TV showsSurvivor, Idol... man they just desrve to be shot... all of them. And what's worse are the people who get addicted to them. I mean, why not worry about your OWN reality, than what you see on TV
Selfrighteous teenager punksThey always think they know everything, and they're just outright rude about it. I think in this modern age they're too empowered and they know it
Messy peopleAs much as my desk can be a bit of a clutter, at least it's organized. People who just drop garbage where they stand with no thought to cleaning it up just aggrevate me.
People who perpetuate urban mythsSeriously, if you just go and do a bit of research about the email BEFORE you hit forward, you can save a lot of hysteria or panic unnecessarily.
People who turn into the far laneSeriously... why? If you're trying to merge with traffic there's nothing worse than a driver who almost hits ya 'cuz they're "IN A HURRY" or whatnot