Wednesday, October 16, 2019

this... updated?

Wow... Like really? It updated?
To be clear... The app from the PlayStore is updated.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Hey, I can solve a Rubik's Cube now!

It's very nerdy/geeky, but I'm a little proud of myself for being able to do it.

For some reason, Dean's class had become interested in them.  And when I was young I could do one side.  Well, wanting a challenge, I guess, I endeavoured to figure out how to solve it.

I followed this guide:

I found his explanations and methodology easiest to go along with.

Here's me going through the thought process as he kind of explained it.

So, the whole thing took me about a week to really 'get'.  I had to watch it and do each step about a dozen times to really understand what I was doing.

There was some confusion with the solving the second layer, but after a while it sunk in.

Doing the final corners I screwed up constantly.  I had to put it down for about a few days and just leave it, then came back, and was realizing I was doing it right, but of the 4 moves, I'd do it until the corner piece was in right, but it'd go in on the 3rd... but for the move to work, you have to still do the 4th.  I'd forget that last one and then blam, you're eff'd.

Anyways, now I can do it without fail.

Kinda proud of myself.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

All Day Outside - 2019

Some days are just better than others.  As Tom Petty says (and I just heard this morning, it was actually a quote from Johnny Cash to Tom that he used), "some days are diamonds, some days are rocks".

I really love my city here in Thunder Bay.  While I hear about people going on trips to Cancun, or cruises, or telling me how much better the focaccia is in Italy or the baguettes in Nice ... sigh.  There's so much beauty here to behold.

A good friend, and client, Kerry Berlinquette with Destination Thunder Bay provided a great opportunity to see those delights the other day.  On June 21st, the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, National Indigenous People's Day ... there's no real reason to be locked up indoors.

See, one of Kerry's 'fun herders', Jeremy, has made it a tradition of his to be out biking all day on the longest day of the year.  This year Kerry thought to see if it could be developed into some sort of activity and asked for volunteers to join them on #AllDayOutside.  I volunteered.  I think I missed the fact that all day, meant sun up to sun down.  Sun rises around 5:45am these days.

Oi...  Plus Jeremy had come up with about a 40km ride.  At first I thought it was scary, but over a full day, it should be okay... right?

I'll let the photos tell the story.  It was awesome.  Plus gave me some chance to buy some gadgets for my bike (new little pack, gloves, bottle holder, etc...)

My Google Maps says approximately 34km, but my Google Fit said about 56km.  Not sure which is more correct.

If the photo album doesn't embed properly (or if you want to see some of the panos properly), visit here: