Friday, June 17, 2016

4th decade - new phase and era (goodbye LPS)

So here I sit in the start of my 4th decade ready to check it out.

It was yesterday I realized that it was the last day of school, meaning I never got my 5.0 days of supply work in, thus my days at the Lakehead Public Schools as a supply teacher are over.  In previous years that would have scared me.  This year.  Not so much

In 2002 I graduated with my bachelor of Education, and that fall I had made it on to the occasional teaching list.  Almost instantly I was working away and had my first long term in a few months.  From that LTO I was whisked into another, and then another and for the first few years I was heavily busy. working full time.

In 2006 I even quit working at Sears (that's another story entirely).

In 2007 I had an opportunity to manage an adult education centre for a year, and I thought I was doing the right thing for my career and would be expanding my skillset to be a fully equipped teacher.

That ended up being the wrong thing to do, as after the year it was very hard to get any days as in most cases I was viewed as a 'new entrant' again.  It was rough, and something I never really was able to recover from and re-establish myself in the system.

It was then then that I had to watch that I was able to maintain 5.0 days of teaching per year to keep my name on the list.  I also had to work elsewhere, so that made getting those days very tricky indeed.  Several times I came close and a couple times I had to request for a review to be allowed to stay on.

So this year, when I hadn't made the requisite number of days, it came to me as a realization at the last day.  Sure, I kinda knew all along, and I thought I'd make time, but to be honest: in 14 years with the board it really has been a one way relationship.  I gave and gave, and I loved teaching.  I did everything I could to make my way in that board, and there was very little given in return.  It made me somewhat cynical about the system.  Which is a shame.  I love teaching, I have the utmost respect for those in the profession.

But for me, this is the end of my connection with LPS.  I'll be probably getting my letter shortly to say I didn't meet the requisite number of days and will be removed from the list.

Should I want to get on the list again, I'll have to re-apply.  I'm saddened in someway to say good by e to that time of my life.

In others, I'm absolutely energized and charged daily in my role at the CEDC.  It is a fantastic organization that has rewarded me appropriately and I'm proud of the part I play.

I look forward to many many more years where I am, so missing out on LPS is a moot point.  But I can't but have a twinge of longing as I close that door.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's a mystery (box)!

So, it looks like we got our Christmas gift from Kelly yesterday.

It was a box within a box.  I was perplexed as it had Inco Nickel on the old timey box... and then there was a weird cryptic letter about passing on this information.

I'm smelling a mystery.

The box opens up and there's a book, a medallion and under the wrapping newspaper there's a folded up "missing person's" poster.

The first few pages of the book seems to make it out to be a diary of some kid who loses his dog.  Throughout the book there's little isnignias scribbled throughout (and they look like the ones on the medallion).

The insignias are in a different colour ink and look lighter than the other writing. (speaking of all the writing and the letter are clearly not 'written' but are printed photocopies or scans.  So you know the whole thing isn't some real mystery or hoax etc... it's going to be something fun)

It's really hard to not Google about this to figure it out (I found one that did pretty much this from Imgur, but stopped myself quickly to not find it out).

It'll be interesting to read through the diary.  There's some pages torn out, and paper clippings and photos/postcards tucked inside.  And the writing gets progressively 'harsher' (stronger straight lines with larger print and all caps).


Well played Kelly.  Well played.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vowing to run

Okay I could make a bunch of excuses. The layoff, the long unemployment, stress of locating employment that wasn't as near as financially rewarding...

But it's all just excuses.

I was overweight before all that, and am even moreso now.

My attempts to curtail my ever expanding waist haven't been as fruitful. So I needed more help.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My son, +Dean Moore is pretty awesome. ...

My son, +Dean Moore is pretty awesome.

Like always, on Fridays we put $2 in his lunch bag to buy pizza on pizza day.

Tonight he's sleeping over at my parents so I stopped in to visit and have dinner.  My mom was mentioning how they were thinking of having pizza, but remembered it's pizza day... then Dean pipes up about how he didn't have pizza today for lunch.

He says "I was going to, but today they were asking for donations for cancer, and the money is going to help people who don't feel good ...

image not displayed
Cops for Cancer in Thunder Bay 2015 - Canadian Cancer Society
Police officers and emergency service personnel across Ontario raising funds for life-saving cancer research and services by shaving their heads an...

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Top 10 Bagpipe Rock Tunes

The pipes are a magical instrument meant to stir your blood and move you!  But it's not just used in marches.  Here's my list of the top 10 uses of the greatest instrument in some non-traditional, pop/rock music.

In honour of International Bagpipe Day our pipe band is having a bit of fun bringing some bagpipe spirit to folks - and so I thought I'd add a bit of sources to show where the bagpipes have had impact outside the marching circuit.

Now these are my favourite songs where bagpipes were included, and I've steered clear of any directly celtic bands; otherwise this would become a huge list.

Okay, so let's start out:

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Zoom makes a friend

No better way to make friends than to share some candy, and no better person to share candy with than OmNom...