Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Have I told you how tired I am?

Yup, I'm tired.  4 hours of sleep a night, isn't cutting it.  I'm debating asking HR about taking a leave of absence from Sears.  We'll see, I just don't want to burn that bridge, but I'm thinking that 3 shifts a week is too much.

On the upside, the classes are 'starting' to come together.  A bit of rhythm has been achieved.  I'm starting to get the hang of the law... just tired of having to research it all myself.  Rory will be my eternal friend if he has, indeed, got me that stuff from one of the teachers.  I hope he has.  I just can't find a way to really put it all together.  We're doing our first mock trial situation on Friday.  Maybe monday... but it's a city council. I assigned them teams, but I don't think they like that.   We'll see... I seem to say that alot.

Another bonus is that I should have my first checque of the year from teaching in my account soon... won't be much, it's only for a couple of days and i might get shafted for a full amount.  Long story...




Friday, September 16, 2005

So... I'm a law teacher?

Well... it's official, i'm teaching LAW 

The students seemed pretty enthused about it... just now I have to get used to not sleeping much, and the fake it until you make saying... well I better start making it.  Not sure faking it is cutting it here.  But I'm excited!

Cindy's in town today... her and Kate are visiting for a few days, so it'll be good see some friendly faces that I haven't seen in a while.  Guess I should get her project done soon...


Well, i'm off to do plenty of work... god, i'm gonna be sooo tired soon.



Thursday, September 15, 2005

I have an interview - a thank you - lost property returned

So, I have an interview for the law class.  It's getting better, I'm starting to feel like I'll actually take the course, if offered.  I had my friend Brandon come in and do a guest speaker thing.  Man, he was amazing.    I'm still a little irked over how much I'm having to work every night, JUST to keep up.    With the other classes, it's a little tiring.  Today was pretty cool.  The students gave me a few complements, maybe they just want me to stay because they could get somebody worse... who knows.  Just it's another interview... I hate interviews.  I hate not having a job.  Having Jarron mention kinda frustrates me.

The other thing I need to mention is I do have to THANK Jarron.  He filled out, yet another, reference check for me.  He let me see it after he filled it out.  And, man, it was alot of good stuff.  Thanks Jarron!! 

Last, but not least, my piece of missing property from White River has been returned.  It was hidden in my pipe bag when I came back, so I will just as anonymously not acknowledge it.  But, thank you! 



[I need more pictures, don't I?]

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Start of week 2 - and i'm relenting

So, here I am about to start week 2 of school. And I'm giving in, I'm applying for the law calss.  Maybe Mandy's right, maybe I'm worrying over this when I may not even be the person they want for the job.  Who knows.  I know, I'm tired.  I've got a lot of resources for this law calss, just no real skills in how to present it.  I feel drained over this whole debate.

Somebody wish me luck eh?

I'm gonna try for a early night.


Thursday, September 8, 2005


So I had it today... the first kid to send down to the office. 

First of that class...

first of the semester...

first of the year... 

first I had EVER with MY OWN CLASS...

Didn't feel good tho'.  I kinda felt like I did it out of exasperation.  He does have an IEP.  So he's apparently got issues.  He's medicated.  But he's still a jackass, who I don't want in the classroom.  Just too much distraction, too loudmouthed.  That whole class is pretty brutal, but I sent him down and it sorta settled after, but still undertones of his subordination.  What to do?

This whoel teaching thing is tiring me out.  Just wait until I have to go back to Sears next week.  *sigh*


Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Day one... done... day two - dreading

I think Mandy put it best, I'm second-guessing myself only because I'm actually there now and I'm a little nervous.  The first day was ... long, and I didn't even talk to anybody really.  We had a Social Studies meeting and it was... spooky to say the least.  I'm not sure about this law class.  They've posted the class at least, applications due in on Monday.  Not sure if I should apply...

The math stuff looks pretty easy, just appears as tho' I have shitty classes.  Grr... stupid kids.    The math dept looks really good.  So that shouldn't be a problem.  Can I get away with just teaching the math... should I let the law class go?  Should I suck it up [as Rory puts it] and just get through it?  It would be a nice feather in the cap.  But I'm hesitant still.

Then there's the whole Sears thing.  I've got a few days off I need as well.  One saturday this month, one weekend next, celtic bash... Will they back off because of my schedule?  I'm geting pretty used to having the last 2 weeks off...

Being a grown up sucks sometimes! 


Saturday, September 3, 2005

Have I told you I really love piping...

So, Rory gives me a shout last night, I NEED A PIPER FOR A WEDDING, and he was leaving town.  So I accept, and it wasn't until like 11 that we were able to get the details.  I'm supposed to play before the wedding at 2, so I should be there for 1:30.  I was a little early, I got there for 1 so I could figure out what was to go on.  NOBODY showed up until at least quarter to 1.  So I played for a bit, and as always, nobody really knew what was going on.  But it was an easy $100.  So I never complain.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Dude, I'm a teacher.... !?!?!?!?

So, I think the realization is starting to seep in. I'm a teacher.  Guess it sorta happened when I got my keys today.  I'm teaching in a few more days.  I've been steadily procrastinating on setting things up and stuff.  What I mean is I've got a few days' worth of lesson plans sort of ready, but the whole SETTING stuff up... I've never STARTED a class before.  I've come in part way through, or finished up.  But these classes are MINE... I've got to set the pace, etc... And no better day to start things off than the first day.  And I have NO CLUE how to set that sort of thing up.  Just dancing around the idea of what to do the first day.  I sort of have an idea on what to do 2nd, 3rd, even the 4th... but the 1st.  Yoiks...  I dont' really want to TEACH something ... hell, it's their first day.  But I can't kill an hour of just me shootin' the breeze about the course.

The other thing is the fact that I've got to teach LAW.. yah, LAW... go figure.  I've had NO run ins with the law, WHATSOEVER, so my experience is ... nil.  Well, I do like Law & Order.  But that's American Law, so I apparently shouldn't be using it in the class.

Hmm... I'll bring in a pic of my office as soon as I take one.  Wish me luck