Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Have I told you how tired I am?

Yup, I'm tired.  4 hours of sleep a night, isn't cutting it.  I'm debating asking HR about taking a leave of absence from Sears.  We'll see, I just don't want to burn that bridge, but I'm thinking that 3 shifts a week is too much.

On the upside, the classes are 'starting' to come together.  A bit of rhythm has been achieved.  I'm starting to get the hang of the law... just tired of having to research it all myself.  Rory will be my eternal friend if he has, indeed, got me that stuff from one of the teachers.  I hope he has.  I just can't find a way to really put it all together.  We're doing our first mock trial situation on Friday.  Maybe monday... but it's a city council. I assigned them teams, but I don't think they like that.   We'll see... I seem to say that alot.

Another bonus is that I should have my first checque of the year from teaching in my account soon... won't be much, it's only for a couple of days and i might get shafted for a full amount.  Long story...




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