Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sore as heck

So I've found out what else raising a child includes - a sore left hand side and bad back.


Dean's a cuddler, which means that he just likes to be held - sometimes the only way to calm him down is to just hold him and pat his back.


Wlel last night was such a case... and it's my own fault, but it ended up being like 2-3 hours or so, and my arm is just burning this morning, locked in that holding position.  Then feeding him, required holding him with that arm and me hunched over... so my back is all crunched up...


Dean's aged me like 50 years already  - owza.


So here I sit with an advil in my system and an ice pack over my shoulder... all ready for the next 'shift'.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

CONGRATS to Rob & Lindsay

Moreso for Lindsay, she had to do all the work.


A happy / healthy little baby boy... too bad it looks like you Rob.  Poor kid'll be teased forever - in fact I'll get Dean to work on nicknames now!  :)


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Superbaby Dean

Okay, officially I'm "one of those fathers"


but how can I not be?


which background?

IMG_3560 copy or super dean copy

Dean's choice gifts!

Man, I should go back to being a baby... nothing but gifts!


So, I'll put up some photos in the photo area, but man Dean is spoiled.

Not only did he have normal gifts being showered upon him, but he had 2 showers and 2 sets of family "easter bunnies" load him up.


After the big shower Kelly and Kris threw, we could barely fit it all in the house anymore.  It took 4 photos for me to photograph appropriately.


He did get some sweet gifts, some awesome toys (which are also adult approved for fun-ness) as well as some stylish outfits.


Now, if only somebody gave him the gift of sleeping through the night...


Just wanted to take a sec here before I do other postings to say congrats to Lindsay and Rob... shortly guys.