Thursday, June 29, 2006

Well at least I know my inflator works

So, the defective tire...


It has been deflating a bit so I thought I'd put some air in before we went to bed and have it fixed tomorrow.


Onlyl problem is at 11 at night there's not many places that have air hoses.  So, we wandered a bit and finally found a Mac's that had one with a hose [I guess some places take the hoses in when they close] and I spend the next few minutes trying to figure out their hose as it DEFLATES my tire.  The lady inside was a great help.  gr...


So, now I'm desparate.  I've just lost another 5-10 PSI with this stupid hose.  And I remember, I'm in an Aztek.  All sorts of gadgets there.  There is actually an inflator in the back for beds, water toys... and riding pressure.  My tires should be at 34PSI for riding pressure [that's what the door says, and the tires say max of 50].  So I...


...inflate the tires.  It takes FOREVER to do a few PSI.  But I get it up to 40.  I figure that should be enough until after I drop Mandy off in the morning and before Pete's.


Then later I can get it fixed.

I have a very susceptible tire.

I have a tire on my car... it is like the run of the litter.  All the other tires are ok.  This one is not.  The tread on all the other tires are ok for a 3 year old tire.  This one looks like it's been through a war.  The other tires have never had a puncture.  This one just recently got it's 2nd.


See the camping trip pics and you'll see the first.  That was barely a few weeks ago.  And then I go get it fixed and Kal-Tire does it for free.  Very nice of them!  I will buy a tire from them when the time comes.  And then tonight I go out and notice it's a bit flat.  Hmm... go and fill it up.  I'm expecting that i'd be having to go back to Kal-Tire and say I didn't get my money's worth out of a free fix.  (bad joke).  But as I'm filling up I notice that, sure enough, it's got a new puncture.  This one even makes a noise when you touch it


BAD TIRE!!!  Why don't you just fit in like the rest and do like you're supposed to?



Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i DO love my wife.

After looking at my blog... it's pretty scant as of late.  I guess I"ve been busy taking care of what needs to be taken care of.  Or at least starting to.


One thing is certain tho'.  I DO love my wife.  She is awesome.  Myabe if I'm half as cool to her as she is to me, this summer will be awesome as well.


Anybody up for some camping?

summer anyone?

I hope it's going to be a good summer.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

I love my wife

So just when I was ready to have a 'do nothing' birthday, mandy says I deserve a party.


Only problem is mandy sets up her 'parties' the day of.

So she tries making plans and since it's late notice not many people can make it.


Regardless she made a great party anyways.


Turned out:

  • Greg K

  • Greg N

  • Kris K

  • Kris S

  • Justin

  • Doug

Everybody else was at "ROCK THE FORT" or babysitting.

She put out for eats: 

  • spinach dip

  • hot salsa and put out my REINDEER'S REVENGE sauce

  • jalapeno cheese sticks

  • HOT wings

  • worms 'n dirt cake 

  • my mom's o'henry squares

it was plenty HOT and the game was good.  All in all it was a pretty good night.  My wife does love me.

And i love her. 

Thanks mandy!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

So I'm 29

Well I turned 29.   Not that I'm one of those birthday-phobes, but I just don't see it as a big deal.  Maybe if I was 25, 30, or something.... but 29?  No biggie!


So what happened?  Actually it was ok.


Tracy, Pete's receptionist wished me a happy birthday, my dad called me in the am to wish me as well.  Luckily the students forgot that it was my birthday (which is good because it was not a good day at school).


Poor Mandy bought me a dvd I already had, so I'm going to return it.  I feel bad when things like that happen.  She also got me a harness/carrying case for the portable DVD player.  It's fo when we go camping it can strap in between the seats and hang so we can watch movies in the aztek.


My parents wanted to do the typical birthday dinner thing, but lately I've been more about the laid back relaxing thing so I said dinner in was just fine.  We had filet mignon and my mom made me o'henry squares (which I've been craving lately) and I found my tent there.  It was a good visit with my parents.  They gave me some money to buy my vest and dad and I looked over some maps of where we'll go on our canoe trip.


I also had a chance to visit my friend Kris for a bit before I had to pick up Mandy.


I think tonight will be the 'get together.'  Myabe a movie or something, maybe a poker game.  We'll see.


Seeing as this is the first Saturday [day after my birthday] that I've had nothing to do since I quit Sears, I slept in quite heavily.  11:30!  And I should get ready for the day as Mandy called to say Cookie will be bringing my present around 12:15 [about 15m from now].  Such an odd time to say.  Oh, well.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

5, 3 & 29

It's just me I guess... I'm all about the numbers.  I remember a lot of numbers, or I'm thinking about numbers. Reemembering phone numbers, calculating how long a trip will take π = 3.14150926535894626738.


Right now my important numbers are 5, 3 & 29... [lost no longer is big on the 4,8,15,16,23,42]


5 - number of school days left before exams.  Which is great.  It's kinda funny that once you start showing them the endgame the kids start coming around.  I had a massive printout day yesterday where I must ahve printed about 20 or so old assignments for some of the kids to get caught up on.  Makes me feel good, but I'm going to dread all that marking in a bit.  Ugh.  But then there's the idea that after school - what am I going to do?  It's all so, up in the air.  I'm a little hesitant.  I know it was a risk to do it - but I think that as they say "don't be afraid to go out on a limb, that's where the best fruit are" or "great things can happen for those who dare" but it doesn't stop me from feeling apprehensive.  It's not just me anymore that these decisions will affect.


3 & 29 - Well these two are connected.  It's 3 days until my 29th birthday.  Wow... I'm gonna be 29... which means soon I'll be 30.  That'll be the milestone... 30.  What'll happen to me in the next decade?  My thirties?  Remember that show:  Thirty Something.  I'm nowhere near any of what those guys were like... but maybe they were mid-thirties.  I've got some way to go yet, I guess.  It also means I should be looking after myself better.  My gut's getting big enough.  I'm finding myself more and more sensitive to people who make comments about it.  [yes, Brandi, I heard you at the Elk's...]  So I did a thing today I hadn't in a while - I jogged.  I needed to.  I need to go more.  But is that enough?  I'm going to get my bike from my parents and have to find a way to put it in the apt somehow.  Can I lock it up somewhere?  Hrmm...  Anybody have one of those bike lock things they have at parks?

Friday, June 9, 2006

8 school days left

..not that I'm counting down or anything.


Just a few more days and blammo, here comes the summer of awesomeness.  Got a lot of camping dates ready to go, just can't wait.


Now, I hope that there'll just be something for me in the fall.  Otherwise this is gonnna come back to haunt me in the worst of ways.  What's life without a little risk i guess eh?... oh, i need to go breathe into a bag or something...

Sunday, June 4, 2006

What to say

Well it's almost been a week since I've resigned..  well more now because I did say I was quitting on the Saturday and just didn't get a chance to bring in the letter until Monday... well, anways...


Apparently the famed Sears rumour mill is running rampant as always.  Anytime anybody leaves the store the rumour mill starts about how and why they left.  Pretty funny stories sometimes... outright lies, but funny.  Well they've started about me apparently.  I don't want to know.  I just don't care... I dont' want to think about it.


What I do want to think about is how my summer is going to be SO awesome.  I slept in today and missed church so Mandy thought it would be good that we enjoy the day at camp.  Man it was good.  Just doing nothing! 


I think my summer is going to shape up nicely.  3 pipeband trips, plus another wedding gig in Bayfield, the planning's in for another "guy's" canoe trip and my dad wants to go for one and mandy and I would like to head out for some camping at some point,plus there's that wedding I have to book the flights for.  It is going to be good.


Oh, last few things...

first off: Brandy, be afraid.. retribution will come to you.

second:  what do you guys think of this vest?