Thursday, June 29, 2006

Well at least I know my inflator works

So, the defective tire...


It has been deflating a bit so I thought I'd put some air in before we went to bed and have it fixed tomorrow.


Onlyl problem is at 11 at night there's not many places that have air hoses.  So, we wandered a bit and finally found a Mac's that had one with a hose [I guess some places take the hoses in when they close] and I spend the next few minutes trying to figure out their hose as it DEFLATES my tire.  The lady inside was a great help.  gr...


So, now I'm desparate.  I've just lost another 5-10 PSI with this stupid hose.  And I remember, I'm in an Aztek.  All sorts of gadgets there.  There is actually an inflator in the back for beds, water toys... and riding pressure.  My tires should be at 34PSI for riding pressure [that's what the door says, and the tires say max of 50].  So I...


...inflate the tires.  It takes FOREVER to do a few PSI.  But I get it up to 40.  I figure that should be enough until after I drop Mandy off in the morning and before Pete's.


Then later I can get it fixed.

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