Monday, January 29, 2007

The boy's trip

As I'm probably not allowed to officially go into all the details for what we did on the trip, but I'll be as discrete as I can.


So we leave, town JUST as I was getting my new palm.  [I must say, it's pretty cool... the battery is pretty good!] and I was almost the last one in the car.  Didn't notice them pull up as I was working on it still.  Getting through the border was pretty easy this year as we had honest-faced Derek do the 'splainin.  At that point we had to pick up supplies at the Ryden's.  It wasn't much after that that Rory showed his new tubing toys.  The rest of the trip got fun!  And we didn't break any windows!!  (double yay)


Fiorot brought for us Punjabi Power Hour... man, that was pretty funny "Rocco Rompamore" (sp?)  He was pretty funny!  I laughed alot.  "ya got ta bring 'is gard down... DOWN!"  "issa bout 450 kilometers... it a take me a bout a 4 days.  i packa a lunch"  anyways, download it... issa funny "i killa pair a mice, trow 'em in da parkin' lot"


The first night we get to the Bridgeview and the boys are ready to go out and party.  It's really only about 7pm only, but you would think it's like midnight.  It was way too early to go from teh van to a bar... a few boys found that out.  But we took care of those that needed it.


The next morning required us to make THE LONGEST trke out to Minneapolis ever.  Maybe it was 'cuz the day after... maybe it was the McD's steak bagel... (T just loved it).


So, we get to the Embassy and just needed a break... missed out on the hottub as I just relaxed for a few.  When I was rested enough Mags took Ror and I to Marshall's to go on a shopping bonanza.  But I figure I just don't like shopping.  Even tho' it's a $700 jacket for $100... I really don't need it.  I'm just not a shopper.


Then it was time for the manager's special... played Pas the Ace for 2 solid hours... I got in trouble 'cuz I ran out of singles and used change to buy in.  During that, George (who's birthday we invented last night for Jarron's fan #1 fan) suggested we hit Ichiban for dinner.  It was the place with like the Japanese chefs with the flinging knives and girll right in front of you and stuff.  Man, I had never eaten that much... or felt like it.  Like I was soo stuffed.  I just loved the food... and Talo was very impressive.  There was sesame seeds on everything, and the 'chinese ketchup' (i.e. teriyaki) was amazing.  The chicken was sooo filling I couldn't believe it.  As much as the others kept saying "we gotta do the chopstick diet... it takes forever to eat anything" it's the opposite for me.


So I felt I should stay home for the night, so Rory and I just relaxed in the room for a while.  It was a good night irregardlessly (yes, i know that's not a word).


The trip home was pretty quiet... with the exception of Nunan showing the animal kingdom who's at the top of the food chain.  It was actually pretty spooky at first.  The first deer jumped across the road, then teh 2nd slowly made the trek, and luckily we were slowed down enough that when it jumped it sorta just grazed the hood.  But it still thrashed around a bit when it was on the ground.  Rory got out and was debating on whether it should be 'helped' at which point it thrashed enough to get up.  That's when Rory hurried back int he car.  It eventually walked away into the bush.  It was just pretty spooked.


Anyways, as a change we had no problem getting back either, and I was dropped off 2nd!  Pretty cool.


It was a good trip... teh boys had fun, we relaxed from teh exam schedule and I even picked up a few things for Mandy too!  Heh I gotta go find Punjabi Power Hour.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My interview saga...

So, my ongoing search for employment knows no bounds.  I had 3 interviews in approximately a week.  1 at Westgate on Monday, and then Hillcrest and PACI this past Monday.  I think I talked about Westgate already.  But I went in a little too unprepared, so I vowed I'd be ready for the next ones.


They also let me know that they WANTED to tell who they chose who it would be on Tuesday (next day) but because the other interviews were so late, that it'd have to wait until after all the other ones.  So I knew it was going to be a long wait.


So, Monday morning I had my interview at Hillcrest for 2 science periods.  It was pretty good.  I was expecting the exact same questions as the Westgate interview, so I had prepared answers in advance.  They had worded the questions differently so it flustered me a little bit, but I think it went pretty smooth through the whole thing.  The funny part was at the beginning they said that "bundled with this application is a DRAMA course."  Bundled in... like it's some sort of bonus prize.  They asked if I would accept that as well... of course, being as hungry as I am for a job, I said yes.  Tho' I think I might end up regretting that in the long run.  (Trish said that at Hillcrest Drama tends to be not for drama students, but more for "crap you're failing everythign... better take drama and get A credit at least)


Then I did my PACI interview after my class on Monday.  This one was for 2 Comm.Tech. courses offered.  Joe is taking some time off for his operation.  So automatically I was unsure because I wouldn't know for sure how long he would be gone for.   I also had done some background research for what Comm.Tech. really is.  According to the curriculum document it "may include, but not necessarily video editing... may include, but not necessarily, photography..." and on and on.  So it was a sort of "well, it could, but maybe, but not necessarily" whatever the hell you wanted to teach that day sort of class.  Well, I felt confident enough in my abilities with my hobby interest in them.  I did the interview and as much as they were the same questions I had been asked earlier, for this course, they obviously had to be changed answers.  So I flustered a few times.


Not sure I could pin down an emotion for what I felt when I left there... I really wanted to stay at PACI.  But, it may not be the right course for me, and it might not be for very long.  When I think of Hillcrest, one student said he will change his mind and make the change to HC when they close the school if I'll be there... and it is science... but then there's the Drama course I have no clue about.  Westgate... well you always hear bad things about Westgate, but it would be 3 SENIOR math courses.  Hrmm..



Flash forward to today now... I got word from the v.p. that there "just was no course for me next semester."  Never had a vp do that for me before.  Just kinda awkward really.  So I'm a little bummed... I just had my last day at PACI ever without knowing it.  Think of all the things Ièm going to have to return now... grr.  Oh, well.


On to the weekend "boys trip!"  I know I can really use a relaxing weekend.


The concert

First I'll recap the concert.  Then I can talk about my interviews..  There's been soem recent development so I'll need to go back to it anyways.


Well, the concert was great.  We started out by meeting at the Elk's for 6ish... which turned out to be 6:15ish for Eilidh and I, 6:10 for Trish.  Then we waited for the rest.  Chris said he'd be JUST RIGHT THERE, when we were downstairs.  And Jeff said he might be there for 7ish.  Jarron showed up around 6:40 or so, along with Regan and some other guys, and we all chatted for a bit.  Chris showed up about 7, and that was when we got a call from jeff saying he was IN the arena (all alone in the dark) and the show would probably be starting soon.  So we headed over.


Regan lost his ticket on the way over.  We had to go track down his friend and get himt o come to the gate to see if he still had it, or had Regan, indeed, lost it?  Turns out he had it in a pocket... not sure how you miss that.  When we got there, it turns out that our seats weren't all too far apart.  Jarron, Regan, et. al. were fairly close by.  And soon enough the concert started.


I must say, they put on a good show!  Gord is... well he's getting "out there" in terms of his wackiness.  There was no real "protracted dialogue" in the middle of his songs this time... but he kept doing some real "White River" moves (as they have now become known -- ask Chris).


I just have a hard time at concerts because I'm never a "WOOHOO" party guy, especially in a 'seated' venue.  So you're never sure how to act.  Plus standing pretty much slightly up on my toes the whole concert doesn't make your calfs feel good.  The other thing I have a hard time with at concerts is the fact that I tend to like the 'songs-you-can't-do-in-concert" songs.  Like I wanted to hear Wheat Kings, or Fiddler's Green.  They would be good songs... but at a concert, that's when people go off and get beer.  (i.e. Jarron and Regan heading off to the Curling Club for 1 or 2 in between good sets)


On the way out I decided to take a gander at the merchandise.  Then I saw the price.  Man... $35 for a t-shirt is way too much.  Then I saw a nice zip up full length arm thingie... that was $60, so I walked away.  That was when we lost Chris.  A phone call later turned up the fact that he had just thought we walked out.


Well, was it worth $50... ?  I think so.. but I just love the Hip.  I'll see them again too.  And it's not that I don't like some of their new stuff (some of it's really good), I just would have liked to see them maybe 5-10 years ago.  That would be awesome!


In conclusion... I hope Gord's not 'outing' himself.  Tho' it wouldn't be a big shocker after that show!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Pretty good concert

Man, the hip always rule!


So i'll talk about it, and the interviews i had today another time, right now it's 20 to 1am... so i'm going to finish my food and go to bed...


l8r all.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

So I've figured out eBay

Yay... I tried out ebay looking for a new palm.   [I seriously have new respect for those who try to quit smoking... I'm really going into withdrawals without it]


I tried the first day, but kept getting outbid all the time, really annoying... or I didn't want to pay the price that it would sky rocket to at the end.  And then I looked online for refurbished models and well... they weren't too impressive either.  So I was at my wit's end as to what to do.  Then Mandy made a coment on how to id or somethign for ebay and it gave me another shot in the arm to try again.


This time I found a Tungsten T|X ... I had found a refurb'd model for $200 online, but some of the places that had it for that price weren't shipping to Canada.  But this one on ebay was a NEW model... so not used.  Or at least not refurb'd or open box or something liek that they said.  And it was from a company with a rpetty legit looking website.  So I put in a bid.  Not so enthusiastic especially after all my last attempts.  But this time I put in a higher bid... and it stuck.  And ... I WON!


Then I had to ask mandy what do i do when I win?  I didn't really think all that out.  I don't have a paypal account, it was mandy's ebay login, i don't have checques etc... 


Turns out, in the end, the business takes credit cards (now I only need my palm to enter it in ... again I'm jsut missing the everyday use of it!)


3-7 days and I won't be palmless again.


yay me!

Friday, January 19, 2007

An old friend dies...

Well after 2 years... (2 years 2 months to be exact) my palm has died.


Even after I persevered and bought new batteries for it instead of buying a new unit.

Surviving many falls and crashes, and software upgrades...


It succomed to a slight amount of pressure on the LCD screen.


So, keeping with previous attempts to update the palm, I've been looking for "LCD Digitizer" to see if I can repair it myself.  The part ranges from $80 - $120 online... IF you can find it.  Which is really hard right now.


I've checked for results... and I keep getting outbid...


So, now I'm looking at a refurb'd models... grr...

I miss my palm already and it's only been a few hours.


Can you go into withdrawals?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Band "holiday" party

So, the annual "Christmas" party was held on the 13th.  I use the quotations, because it's hard to call it a Christmas, or even a New Year's party when it's held almost 2 weeks AFTER the new year begins.  Not that I mind at all, really.  It was just funny, that Pete said that he'd kept up the Christmas tree just for the fact.


Well, the evening starts out with Pete getting a list of what people will be bringing.  And I had signed up for dip and dessert.  But there were signs that some people were not going to be able to make it, so there was some rumours that there might not be enough for the pot luck, so I thought we should add some more to our own list.


Pete also said "be there for 6 start eating at 7."  So when the day came and I was getting ready, I kept feeling we were runing behind.  The brownie came out of the oven at about 10 to 6 (after SEVERAL attempts to have to run out and make sure we got all the right ingredients at the last minute), and then we picked up Jeff at around 10 after 6, then I had to make one more stop to go.  We ended up at Pete's around 20 to 7.  And I was thinking "WE ARE LATE."


Hardly, there were only like 4 others who were there before us.  Usually all the 'fossils' are there WAAAY ahead of everybody else.  But Al was not well (I think), Rod had other plans, and Terry apparently fell ill at the last moment.  And several others couldn't make it.  That and Jeff had been telling people that it would 'start' at 7 instead of 6.  So by about 7:30 people were rolling in.


Man, did I eat a lot.  2 FULL plates, plus desserts... ugh.  I was just rolling about in a semi-"food coma."


All-in-all, it was a good night.  I thank Pete for offering his palce for it.


There was one funy thing of the night.  We brought the brownie in, and it was still warm, and with the aluminium on the pan you couldn't see what was in it.  Carole assumed it was some food that needed warming, and put it back in the oven.  So there was some 'brownie soup' when she found out what it was.  We only JUST were able to remove the sludge from the pan.  I feel so bad, because Carole was so apologetic with it.  I just found it funny!.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Operation "Birthday Car Deck-out" complete

Sorry, just one second, trying to find a good colour.


testing testing 1 2 3


That should do.  I was lookign for something 'birthday-ish' but ... with this background it's hard.

So A couple of days ago, Brandy and Eilidh came up to me suggseting that we hit Chris' car for his birthday.   They had the whole thing planned out after a marathon session in the Dollarama store.  It was going to be his birthday on Sunday, so they wanted to do something before then.  Here was the plan:

  • wait by his work and find his car

    • they had already staked out his work earlier and determined that he does, in fact, leave his car unlocked so that they can get in there and 'birthday-ize' it.  Ask Brandy about the daring stealth techniques and Bourne Identity style methods she used.

  • Then, find out what time he gets off work

    • That was my job (I was all coy like in asking what time does he get out of his work on Friday)

  • Deck out his car

    • Ribbons and bows, and big sheets of wrapping paper

    • duct taping his gifts to sections of his car

    • vast amounts of birthday confetti in the car

    • car decals saying "happy birthday"

    • securing helium balloons to his car

    • glass pens to write on his windows

  • Birthday cupcakes with candles that spell out "happy birthday"

  • Watching the flick "Little Miss Sunshine"

I was to be the filmographer of this whole shenanigan.  Do some sort of 'production' video stuff for it and then tape his reaction.  Oh, did I mention how they thought I should stand outside for the ... maybe 1 hour it might take for him to come out, just to get him on camera.  Well, I woulda done it.  Apparently it also involved something about decking out his house as well.

Unfortunately, the best laid plans of mice and men... well in searching for the stake out we almost RAN INTO him as he was taking his lunch break.  Sheesh... imagine driving down the road, and seeing your friend's car with a bunch of birthday stuff in the back, somebody holding conspicuous cupcakes and candles and 2 big helium balloons stashed in the back seat bobbing about.  Almost ruined the evening.

We decided that we would all wait in the car after decking it out, so that nobody froze.  So, we get to his car, and we go to town, I'm video-ing like crazy, they're TRYING to do everything they planned.  But not much really works when it's -30C.  The decals didn't stick so well, the helium balloons were deflating.  The pen had oozed out into a glob of ... ink o rsomething.  And the bows weren't sticking to well to the car.  But none the less it looked awesome.  Too bad my camcorder didn't like the cold.  Nothing turned out on video.  I think i need to take it in.

So, with about 10m left to go before he was out, I decided to find my hiding spot so I could record his reaction.  I'm all decked out with scarf and toque and big jacket.  Started thinking, hey, I look conspicuous hanging out in a parking lot with a non-descript item in my hand.  Wonder what people would think if they saw me.  Just then his co-worker's car started, I was right next to it..  I nearly had a coronary.  Jeeze.  I decided to move spots.  Just incase I ended up getting maced or something.  But really, when we met his co-worker, she was all in for what ever we were doing and offered us like a 'backstage pass' to their work and get him there as well.  But we figured the total surprise thing worked better.

He did eventually come out after we had near frostbite.  He really liked the car it seemed with his "oh good god, what now?" expression.

BTW - the movie was good!


Monday, January 8, 2007

First day of school... first day back at least

So, I did the 'day before' blog entry... so I should do the day of blog entry.


Today was the first day back at the school... Nothing exciting, go figure.  They kids just had 16 days off in a row.  16 days of sleeping in until noon (or later) and now you bring them back to a regular routine.


Plus today was "here's your culminating activity booklet, now get to work" day, which didn't exactly go over well.  But I think they'll be ok.  Tomorrow will be in the computer lab.


Which is another story in of itself.


I asked for the morning off from PTC from Rain so that I could go and get the labs all booked.  I figured I should be there super early and get bookings done, but as I said yesterday I didn't have much hope, 'cuz there'd be already tons of teachers booking that stuff already.  When I get there for like before 9... NOBODY had booked anythign.  So i just took random days in the library and random days in the comp lab.  I didn't want to book a solid 9 days in a row ... figured soembody might raise an eyebrow or 2.


Well, we'll see how tomorrow goes... I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Oh, man... class is TOMORROW??!?!?!?

Okay, so... after days of waiting around and enjoying my break, it's been great!  I really enjoyed this time off... almsot too much.  I'm not sure how I"m going ot get up that early tomorrow.


Last week I went back to PTC, but that's only half days, so it's not much really.  Brandy was really resenting that I could 'nap' in the afternoon.


But tomorrow, I've got to do my 'full' day.  That's gonna be hell.  Ugh.


PLUS, after doing up my culminating activity, I'm now realizing they're going to need some computer lab time, so ... they need computers.  And that kinda stuff needs to be book in advance.  Plus, I'm guessin the other classes probably have the same thing in mind.  And seeing I'm totally like the 'newbie' they probably did this months ago.  Hrmm...  So I'm gonna have to go early in the morning to figure it out.  I figure if they can't get into the computer lab (any or the library), then we'll have to watch the NOVA scienceNOW episodes which might help get them thinking... I hope.  Because really, i have NOTHING left for them.  Except for exam review.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

The benefits of a rust check

So, for the past few weeks I've been procrastinating... (no, not school work, tho' I have been procrastinating that as well... but that's not what I mean).  I know that rust checking your car is a good thing.  And it'll help prolong the life of the body of the vehicle.  But, just as I hadn't had a hair cut in a while (tho' I did yesterday), I just got too busy and wrapped up in other things to get it done.


Yesterday I noticed that y left turn signal started blinking wildly.  This means that the rear tail light is out.  Which sucks!  Because if I take it in for warranty (if it's covered under warranty) it'll still cost me $100 for the visit now that I'm on the "extended" plan.  So, what do I do?  Pay the $100 and have them do it (if it's covered), or do I suck it up and pay the $50 part and do it myself?

Being a cheap bastard I am, I went and did my research on how to actually take apart the tail light.  Took me a few days to actually find something, but it looks like I could do it.


But first, I got smoething in the mail that made me remember to go get my rust check done.  A "we missed you" letter and a coupon for $10 off... woopee... but remember, I'm cheap, and $10 off is $10 off.  So I take my car in, with the full intention of going to get the light after, and stopping by Greg's to have a look at the light and replace it.


Turns out... after getting your car rust proofed for another year has the added bonus of fixing shorts in lights and stuff.  I get in the car and the wild blinking has stopped.  I've tested it out for the entire ride home, and nothing yet... hrmm... Which is funny, because I did look earlier at the lights and thought to myself "nothing LOOKS burnt out."


Maybe my car is haunted

better not tell Mandy... or should i? 

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Returned property

So, is it so wrong for me to get as worked up as I did over what happened at my Christmas party?


I'm not so sure ... but then again, I'm not a fan of people coming into my house and taking something of mine.  Who cares if it was a fridge magnet and pen?  The point remains the same.  Just not right I think.


Well, I had said something on MSN to the person saying "I'm out" if it was going to come to that level.  Which was probably what prompted today's package in the mail.  It was a bubble pack with a baggie with both items contained therein.


It does make me kinda foolish... but at the same time, I'm not th eone in the wrong here.  Am i?

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Year's party @ the J-man's

So big party at the J-man's this year.  We were starting to wonder who was going to it, as people started saying they had some other things planned.  Irregardless, I was going.  It's a good time each year.


This was also the first time that Mandy and I would be TOGETHER for NY in quite some time.  I had to do a last minute whip-round for some supplies (i.e. some of the last Old Navy boxing day sales... no, the $10 jeans were sold out) to bring out, and downloaded some games for the day.  Usually we bring the Atari out to his place, but it's been acting wonky lately, so I didn't want to chance it, and was going to bring the PSone I have as well... just in case.


Mandy and her sister had started the evening out with some bowling with her sister, cousin, and her sis's bf: Adam.  They said they had fun, I declined in order to get some rest in before the big night.  After their bowling, Kelly and Adam started hosting their "loser party" (that's what the email said) or as they called it later the "alternative / last ditch party."  Which consisted of some swimming and hanging out at the Airlane.


At some point in the evening, it was time to head on out to Jarron's and Mandy said I could just drive up to their hotel room.  The room was easily found by the numbers above the door... or the ones that Adam had made and put in the window for me.  By this time the slush and rain were starting to freeze and the driving a little bit sketchy.  But we made it ok... with some food, the atari and the playstation.


When we arrived we watched "Blackadder V"

... the New Year's special one where he does his time travel thing.  Very funny.  Even Mandy laughed.  Then, Jarron had the Olympics all set out and ready to play:

  1. Penny catch (put some pennies on your elbow and do that 'snap' thing to catch them), you do 3 attempts and total the number of pennies you've caught [personally I did 38]

  2. Pool table (4 balls are placed on the table and you see how many shots it takes you to pot all 4) - 18

  3. Miniputt (2 stretches of carpet for you to putt a ball into a cup) - 0/2

  4. Dumbbells (how many can you do on each arm in 10 seconds) - 8L & 7R

  5. Dart drop (blindflolded you drop darts onto a dartboard) - 27

  6. Marble game (you have this triangle thing with marbles and by jumping a marble you remove it... you see how many you can get down to) - 4

  7. Street Fighter (how many opponents can you beat in one game) - 4 [tho' some were cheating and using it on EASY level]

  8. Santa toss (it's an online game where you have this catapult you time and see how far santa goes, and then you average your 3 goes) - 204m

I think that was all the games.  It was pretty fun.  After that, Rory and I got to watch the Liddell v. Ortiz fight matches I had downloaded the night previously.
It was good to see Ortiz lose, and it was a GOOD fight too.  A little sketchy on the call at the end, but it was an eventuality.  If they didn't stop it then, they would have in another 30 seconds.  The Macdonald v. Leben fight was really good!

Then we watched the ball drop in NY... looked all about for Karen, and didn't see her (way to go Karen... could have at least waved to us or something).  It was about ten we started with JACKASS 2... I haven't laughed that hard in quite some time.  Just a shockingly funny movie.  After that it was time for some BORAT (I had just finished downloading this as well).

After Borat, I was pretty tired, and my allergies were really kicking in (even after taking an Aerius earlier in the night), so it was time to go home.  When I got home, the allergies were still lingering and a kink in my back really made it hard to sleep.  So I tossed and turned from about 5 until 7:30.  At which point I realized I should probably just STAY UP.  And I puttered around the apt for a while and tried to stay up.  But by 8:30 I was tired again and sleep won out.  I think I slept until about 3:30 or so.  Very ni-ice.

Hope your 2007 NY was as good!

Later all