Monday, January 15, 2007

Band "holiday" party

So, the annual "Christmas" party was held on the 13th.  I use the quotations, because it's hard to call it a Christmas, or even a New Year's party when it's held almost 2 weeks AFTER the new year begins.  Not that I mind at all, really.  It was just funny, that Pete said that he'd kept up the Christmas tree just for the fact.


Well, the evening starts out with Pete getting a list of what people will be bringing.  And I had signed up for dip and dessert.  But there were signs that some people were not going to be able to make it, so there was some rumours that there might not be enough for the pot luck, so I thought we should add some more to our own list.


Pete also said "be there for 6 start eating at 7."  So when the day came and I was getting ready, I kept feeling we were runing behind.  The brownie came out of the oven at about 10 to 6 (after SEVERAL attempts to have to run out and make sure we got all the right ingredients at the last minute), and then we picked up Jeff at around 10 after 6, then I had to make one more stop to go.  We ended up at Pete's around 20 to 7.  And I was thinking "WE ARE LATE."


Hardly, there were only like 4 others who were there before us.  Usually all the 'fossils' are there WAAAY ahead of everybody else.  But Al was not well (I think), Rod had other plans, and Terry apparently fell ill at the last moment.  And several others couldn't make it.  That and Jeff had been telling people that it would 'start' at 7 instead of 6.  So by about 7:30 people were rolling in.


Man, did I eat a lot.  2 FULL plates, plus desserts... ugh.  I was just rolling about in a semi-"food coma."


All-in-all, it was a good night.  I thank Pete for offering his palce for it.


There was one funy thing of the night.  We brought the brownie in, and it was still warm, and with the aluminium on the pan you couldn't see what was in it.  Carole assumed it was some food that needed warming, and put it back in the oven.  So there was some 'brownie soup' when she found out what it was.  We only JUST were able to remove the sludge from the pan.  I feel so bad, because Carole was so apologetic with it.  I just found it funny!.

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