Saturday, January 20, 2007

So I've figured out eBay

Yay... I tried out ebay looking for a new palm.   [I seriously have new respect for those who try to quit smoking... I'm really going into withdrawals without it]


I tried the first day, but kept getting outbid all the time, really annoying... or I didn't want to pay the price that it would sky rocket to at the end.  And then I looked online for refurbished models and well... they weren't too impressive either.  So I was at my wit's end as to what to do.  Then Mandy made a coment on how to id or somethign for ebay and it gave me another shot in the arm to try again.


This time I found a Tungsten T|X ... I had found a refurb'd model for $200 online, but some of the places that had it for that price weren't shipping to Canada.  But this one on ebay was a NEW model... so not used.  Or at least not refurb'd or open box or something liek that they said.  And it was from a company with a rpetty legit looking website.  So I put in a bid.  Not so enthusiastic especially after all my last attempts.  But this time I put in a higher bid... and it stuck.  And ... I WON!


Then I had to ask mandy what do i do when I win?  I didn't really think all that out.  I don't have a paypal account, it was mandy's ebay login, i don't have checques etc... 


Turns out, in the end, the business takes credit cards (now I only need my palm to enter it in ... again I'm jsut missing the everyday use of it!)


3-7 days and I won't be palmless again.


yay me!

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