Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My interview saga...

So, my ongoing search for employment knows no bounds.  I had 3 interviews in approximately a week.  1 at Westgate on Monday, and then Hillcrest and PACI this past Monday.  I think I talked about Westgate already.  But I went in a little too unprepared, so I vowed I'd be ready for the next ones.


They also let me know that they WANTED to tell who they chose who it would be on Tuesday (next day) but because the other interviews were so late, that it'd have to wait until after all the other ones.  So I knew it was going to be a long wait.


So, Monday morning I had my interview at Hillcrest for 2 science periods.  It was pretty good.  I was expecting the exact same questions as the Westgate interview, so I had prepared answers in advance.  They had worded the questions differently so it flustered me a little bit, but I think it went pretty smooth through the whole thing.  The funny part was at the beginning they said that "bundled with this application is a DRAMA course."  Bundled in... like it's some sort of bonus prize.  They asked if I would accept that as well... of course, being as hungry as I am for a job, I said yes.  Tho' I think I might end up regretting that in the long run.  (Trish said that at Hillcrest Drama tends to be not for drama students, but more for "crap you're failing everythign... better take drama and get A credit at least)


Then I did my PACI interview after my class on Monday.  This one was for 2 Comm.Tech. courses offered.  Joe is taking some time off for his operation.  So automatically I was unsure because I wouldn't know for sure how long he would be gone for.   I also had done some background research for what Comm.Tech. really is.  According to the curriculum document it "may include, but not necessarily video editing... may include, but not necessarily, photography..." and on and on.  So it was a sort of "well, it could, but maybe, but not necessarily" whatever the hell you wanted to teach that day sort of class.  Well, I felt confident enough in my abilities with my hobby interest in them.  I did the interview and as much as they were the same questions I had been asked earlier, for this course, they obviously had to be changed answers.  So I flustered a few times.


Not sure I could pin down an emotion for what I felt when I left there... I really wanted to stay at PACI.  But, it may not be the right course for me, and it might not be for very long.  When I think of Hillcrest, one student said he will change his mind and make the change to HC when they close the school if I'll be there... and it is science... but then there's the Drama course I have no clue about.  Westgate... well you always hear bad things about Westgate, but it would be 3 SENIOR math courses.  Hrmm..



Flash forward to today now... I got word from the v.p. that there "just was no course for me next semester."  Never had a vp do that for me before.  Just kinda awkward really.  So I'm a little bummed... I just had my last day at PACI ever without knowing it.  Think of all the things Ièm going to have to return now... grr.  Oh, well.


On to the weekend "boys trip!"  I know I can really use a relaxing weekend.


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