Saturday, January 6, 2007

The benefits of a rust check

So, for the past few weeks I've been procrastinating... (no, not school work, tho' I have been procrastinating that as well... but that's not what I mean).  I know that rust checking your car is a good thing.  And it'll help prolong the life of the body of the vehicle.  But, just as I hadn't had a hair cut in a while (tho' I did yesterday), I just got too busy and wrapped up in other things to get it done.


Yesterday I noticed that y left turn signal started blinking wildly.  This means that the rear tail light is out.  Which sucks!  Because if I take it in for warranty (if it's covered under warranty) it'll still cost me $100 for the visit now that I'm on the "extended" plan.  So, what do I do?  Pay the $100 and have them do it (if it's covered), or do I suck it up and pay the $50 part and do it myself?

Being a cheap bastard I am, I went and did my research on how to actually take apart the tail light.  Took me a few days to actually find something, but it looks like I could do it.


But first, I got smoething in the mail that made me remember to go get my rust check done.  A "we missed you" letter and a coupon for $10 off... woopee... but remember, I'm cheap, and $10 off is $10 off.  So I take my car in, with the full intention of going to get the light after, and stopping by Greg's to have a look at the light and replace it.


Turns out... after getting your car rust proofed for another year has the added bonus of fixing shorts in lights and stuff.  I get in the car and the wild blinking has stopped.  I've tested it out for the entire ride home, and nothing yet... hrmm... Which is funny, because I did look earlier at the lights and thought to myself "nothing LOOKS burnt out."


Maybe my car is haunted

better not tell Mandy... or should i? 

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