Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trip to Minni

Day 1

Woke up around 8ish to seeing Mandy running around like crazy.  Good thing it doesn't take long for me to pack.  Soon enough we were on the road.  Dean fell asleep right quick!  Poor guy missed most of the car ride 'cuz of that.  He even missed out the sign by Neebing that says "Fresh Eggs & Kittens".  Only thing that would have made that sign better woulda been to offer fresh kitten eggs.

Probably the easiest time through the border.  Gave the guard the ids, and in under a minute we were through.   We had to stop in Grand Portage as Dean needed a bottle... and I needed some breakfast juice.  They had blueberry and pomegranate.  Mmmm...  After he was finished we went back on teh road and got as far as Grand Marais.

We had arranged earlier to meet with Cookie, John and Sandy at GM due to the Fisherman's Picnic.  But Cookie was feeling under the weather (hope you feel better) so it was just John and Sandy.  We told them to meet at 1230, 'cuz Mandy doesn't know how long it takes to get there.  we got there roughly 30 minutes early, and still met up with them.  It was a nice little fair going on.  Lots of neat booths.  Should have checked the LSTP benches more... Merrell's woulda been a nice find.  Anyways, we all had lunch at the Blue Water cafe.  Even Dean.  He had apples.  Mmmm.  It was a nice visit.  Thanks John & Sandy.  Good thing we didn't go to that 'foo foo' place Kris likes (foo foo kris food).  :)

What next... long driving.  Finally make Duluth... and the hope was to go to that Cold Creek Creamery... but it's in Canal Park... and those tall ships are in, so Duluth is a mad house.  Pretty much all of Superior St. was backed up... all of 21st street is lined up.  We almost could'nt get out.  So we decide to retreat to a McD's parking lot, feed Dean and head on out.  We're going on instinct at this point as the GPS has decided it does'nt want to talk to the satellites anymore.  No worries.  When we get to Minni, it finally works and takes us for a wild spin around St. Paul.  Oh, well... we made it.

It's late, I'm tired now, and I'll talk more about it tomorrow... hopefully with pictures.


Friday, July 25, 2008

It's been a loong time a' runnin'

Okay, I knw.  I haven't written here in a while (probably the biggest gap yet), hence the tragically hip song title...


But hey, I've just had a kid, my life is hectic.  Band's ben hectic.  We've done alot of parades recently:


  • 3 graduations
  • church celebration
  • shelter house relay
  • hibbing
  • minocqua (which was 3 parades in a day!!)

plus there's Buternut this weekend


Dean's been great lately too... he loves his jollly-jumper (tahnks rain and rory).. he's really getting independant.  Hes starting on the thicker pablum stuff too.

The house steps was pretty fun.  Thanks greg for the help.  MG-Krete worked pretty well.  Just have to find what kind of sealant I want on the steps beore deciding on a paint fo it.

AND, i picked up my new toy finally.  I got my ASUS eeePC.  The 4G version.  It's been great.  playing with it all... but I took of Linux, 'cuz I just coudn't figure it out at all.  So i put Windows XP on it.  Took almost 48 hours to put on.  Still fiddling... space is a premium with only 4gb of room.  I'll let you nkow how it all goes out.