Sunday, November 26, 2006

one more thing

Just to keep those of you informed of my reading habits.  I'm now on Book 4 of "The Wheel of Time"

A lazy sunday ending with HILARITY

So, what to do this Sunday? 


I woke up pretty late this morning due to the fact that the Bowater party ended MUCH later than I had anticipated.  I figured it woudl have been just a short event.  Not so.  It went to 1am,  and I felt bad before going [start of a headache] and we ended up at a table where we didn't know anybody.  Not that it was a bad event, just I wasn't in the right frame o fmind to start, and... well, I felt guilty for feeling bad there.  We gave Greg and Nancy a ride to it, so we couldn't just leave when we wanted to... I'd feel bad dragging Greg away from his only retirement party.  But eventually we did get to go, and I slept... and slept.


In the morning (11am or so) I wake up and decide "I NEED TO DO WORK"... and proceeded to stare at the computer screen  in a battle of wills, fighting the surge of uninspiration I had all weekend.  Marking was done, and the scanning for the site was previously finished, so all I had to do was come up with an idea for a lab on acceleration.  Not an easy task... especially when I have a sort of writer's block for science going.  It was either come up with that idea, or come up with an idea for the AST.  I still haven't come up with an idea for AST yet - any suggestions?    I figure I might do some more conversions.  Maybe rate conversions ($CDN/L ~ $US/gallon, km/h ~ m/s)... there you go .  It took me all day to come up with the idea, and nothing, and now just a few seconds and I've got 2 good ideas!  Neato ... weird how the brain works.


Oh, that brings me to another point... I had suggested to me that I watch the movie "WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW?" saying it was a great science movie.  *pbbbth* [thumbs down]  Horrible new age crap propaganda.  Turns out it was hosted by this chick who claims to be channeling a spirit from Atlantis.  Ick.


This however leads into the topic of what I ended the day with.  Mandy suggested that if she were to get out early enough from work we could go to see a movie.  A few calls and the gang's in to see "BORAT"   Man, that was sooo funny.  I felt... my brain felt like it was rubbed raw, but in a good way.  Some of the jokes were just so... out there.  And I don't mean like "KRAMER" out there, but wow.  Really, is it that funny to make fun of Jews, and the whole American culture and stuff.  Apparently so.  I laughed soo hard at it.  I don't want to speak of it, just in case people have not seen it yet, but my god, I could watch it again and again.


What else to say?  Mandy and I didn't make it to her Nanny's for brunch, she had some work to do, and I sorta slept in.  Tho', we did end up with a chocolate cake still.


It is Ray's birthday today... well officially 1hr06min ago it ended, but still.  Happy bday Ray.


Got an awkward phone call from Kristie today.    She meant to dial another Ryan, but got me instead... I'm sorry it was so awkward Kristie.  I hope sometime soon it won't be so awkward any more.  Not quite sure how to proceed still.


Plans for the Christmas Party are still underway, so keep watching.  My idea of the 'theme' is working out it seems.  Doug's stoked to cook, and Mandy's ready to bake.  The theme will be 'unbearable Christmas" [I just made that name up].  Essentially you are to come either dressed like Santa with the stupid hat or soemthing like that, bad Christmas ties, or horrible Christmas sweaters.  That way everybody will kinda look the same.  It should be fun.  Muppets will be viewed [a Knauff tradition].


Well, that's about all I can think of.  Gotta sleep now... tomorrow's another day... ugh!


[ps, the "..." are actually called "ellipsis" - you got to love Wikipedia]

Saturday, November 25, 2006

My blog as of late... has been lacking

I really must apologize... as of late, I really ahven't been keeping up this blog too well.  The entries that do make it in, are short, lacking in any sort of wit and are downright... boring!


I'm sorry.  I really must try to rectify this.  I'd like to say that it has been because I am busy, but really... I only teach one class.  How busy can that be?  Plus I have weekends off these days so even more so I'm care-free.


Who knows why it seems I'm so busy.  I know I've been sleeping oddly lately, and that could be a good attribution.  (is that a word?)

Some say I should go get myself checked out, 'cuz it can't be healthy i'm this tired all the time.  But meh, i'll slow down when I'm dead ... right?


So, what has been going on lately?  ...

Not much (probably the REAL reason I haven't been too good on updating this blog).


I'm jealous of Jarron, who's recently purchased a new 5D.

I'm jealous of Rory and Rain who are putting together their new home.


My parents have just started the reno on their kitchen, and I was helping out with that.  Poor dad... can't eat his morning oatmeal 'cuz they sold their stove.  Just going to have to wait a few weeks until you get your new one.  The new kitchen will be intersting to see... maybe i WILL want to inherit that house after all... heh


The class is starting to shape up a little... tho' I'm still feeling like i"m JUST ahead of the game.  Each day I get home and I just look through Bob's old book and take what he has done.  The after school tutoring is starting to be a pain in the ass.  I mean the class has pared down to just a few kiddies, some of which want to be there... but the paperwork and the whole beauracracy (sp?) is just getting on my nerves.  I mean having to do 29 hand-written reports assessing kids that I spend maybe 2 hours a week with... some who don't even show up... that's insane.  And thanks goes to Nick for telling me that it might well turn out to be like $10/hr only in the end.  Man, just shoot me now.


The bash was a great success!  Numbers were up... hopefully it shows itself to be a great profit turner!


Now... well now I'm leaving the apt to go to Mandy's dad's retirement dinner.  We're both unsure of:

A) do people's kids actually go to these things [i.e. is it just going to be me and Mandy and a bunch of Bowater employees we don't know... all looking at us like "why are you here?"]

B) what to wear.  [is it formal... or not... or what?]

C) how long it will be [i would like to do other things tonight... go see BORAT or something]


Dang... now i really want to go see BORAT. 


Hopefully the next update will be "BORAT --- GREATEST MOVIE IN NATION!"


later all...



ps = do I do the "..." too much?  what do they call that?  an ellipse or something?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

CELTIC BASH X (the final carouse?)

So, the bash was awesome.  Really the whole night was just perfect.


To start it off on Saturday we got to the Coliseum and the girls had done an AMAZING job on the posters they were making.  Really it was way more than we needed.  I wish I had brought some sort of camera for it all. 


In fact I didn't bring ANYTHING.  We had Mike get his camcorder to video everything.


Rory, Dyland & I had to go play at the Mall, in hopes that we could promote the event some more.  Turns out that before we went we were up to 600+ people.  So, really it wasn't that necessary.  But it was kinda neat playing through the mall for Santa Claus!


We did some quick sound checks ... we had a new stage... well, not new, just BIGGER.  So we lined us all up on stage and did soem tuning and run throughs.  Nothing severe, just to get a feel of what we were getting outselves into.  Rory adn I were starting to get concerned about some of the tuning problems.  Hrmm... hope it jus tfixes itself.


By the time we got back to the Coliseum, it was starting to get busy, but we realized the other bands were starting to tune up, so we didn't have much chance to do so.  So by the time we had to get ready, it was just the fastest tuning we had ever done.  Then it was out we go.  It was the fastest few minutes I had ever done.  And it was HOT.  [i need to renew my objection to the uniform if anybody in teh band reads this].  Hot and it was BRIGHT.  I couldn't see anybody in the crowd.  But it really sounded amazing.  It was great.  Then we did a quick uniform change to get ready for set #2.  Which went JUST as fast as the first.  But it was nice... we sounded good.  The tuning really did 'come in'.  We sounded TIGHT.  IT was great.  Nothing but compliments the entire night from everybody.  I have the video footage from mike on it.  Maybe I'll start that youtube account and post some video soon.


Then the Dust Rhinos were on.  man they are a truly great band.  I mean they played WHITE STRIPES... U2... PETER GABRIEL... and it was all so seamless, like it was THEIR SONGS.  In between their sets we played our quartet (with 6 pipers).  It was not going to be easy as Steve came in a little... 'under the weather'  And he was a little off in his playing.  Besides that we played great!  Especially DYLAN... Dylan had a little groupie ring just shouting for him.


After the night was over, it was time to clean up and head for the after-party.  The Dust Rhinos said they really enjoyed their show, and they were asking US about next year.  That's cool.  Theey were talking about coming to the after party, but luckily they didn't... it was pretty low key anyways.


Overall the event was great, and I would like to thank those that came out.  Guys, we really appreciate it.  The rumour was there might have been 900 people there.  Now the question is:  should there be an 11?  The dust rhinos thought there should be... many people in the band thought there should be [funny how mostly it was the peeople who didn't do all too much for it].. or do we scrap and do something different.  Rely on St. Patty's day gig and do a mini-concert or something after.  It's tough to say whether we really might be able to make enough money from other events.  ...


what do you think people?  let us know!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

J&K's wedding

So the day started out with me getting up fairly early for a Saturday morning.  I got up early enough 'cuz I missed out on going to Nick's shag.

Mandy said we should start the day out right by having a good breakfast.  So we got up ready to go to Fat Cat's.  MMMmmm... except Mandy had forgotten a few things so we started getting worried we were gonna get her to her appointment late.  Turns out her purse was already in the car, and the greasy food doesn't take too long to get out.  So we ended up with enough time... no worries.  Then it's time for me to head of to Justin's.

Justin's house was fun.  We had Jean (the photographer) come on by and snap a few of us getting ready.  We all got to joke about the pink, Mike got to watch some Toy Story and we all had a few laughs with our friend before he ended single-hood.

We then headed off to the church where we waited for the whole show to start.  Mean while Mike, Mark and I got to practice our 'ushering skills.'  Been a while since I'd done that, but I think I did a good job.

The wedding itself... felt like it flew by.  Reminded me of my own day.  I guess I was so caught up in the signal Justin taught Doug and I so taht we don't get given communion.  But we never got a chance to give teh big X.  After a few more moments, Justin was proclaimed a married man.

Then we got to see the fun bus they got for us ... something to ride around in style with.  A HAPPY TIME TOURS bus.  It was pretty cool.  Pretty posh.  We took the bus to a small mansion near the old hospital.  That was pretty neat.  Jean had some real fun, trying to get some 'ol timey' looking photos of the wedding party.  I like the one where we were playing poker at this really old looking table.  I really enjoyed getting to ham it up.  I think that's what weddings are for... just to realize what fun you can have with those around you.

After the photos, it was time to head to the reception at teh Slovak.  There, it was my job (yay... somethign to do) to tell people where they sit.  At least I thought it was my job.  Turns out I was told wrong, as Mandy was saying it was one of the girls' jobs.  It's ok... I got to be near the candies.

The rest of the reception was good... plenty of good food, there was an AWESOME speech by Karen's brother.  Really, Derek, it was good!  The slideshows were also good!

By this time in the evening I had started to sit down for a few, and well... teh week started to catch up with me, and I must admit I was on the verge of falling asleep.  I guess it seemed pretty antisocial of me, but... it was a long week.  A long week that ended well... and as Justin said to Parker "this begins Act II."  So too, after a long week, do we start the next one... for Justin & Karen & Parker, the next week is a pretty big one, the start of a family.  For others (like me) it's just another busy week with plenty of work to do... but as Robert Jordan says "the wheel of time continues to turn... there is neither a beginning nor an end to the turn of the wheel... but this it is a beginning."


Much luck J&K with your new life.  Much happiness in your union!


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Congratulations J&K

Not much time right now to really make an entry right now, but I just wanted to put this out there before it's tacky-late.


Congratulations go out to Justin and Karen ... married yesterday!  Happy family today!


I was glad to be a part of their special day.


Pictures to come.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

the past 5 days...

I thought it had been forever since I last wrote in here.  But according to the previous posting, only 5 days.


What has happened?  Not much.  I'm starting to bog down.  I'm getting a little behind in my work.  ANd this weekend's not going to help much either.  It's my good friend Justin's wedding on Saturday ... so I'm going to be 'occupied' for a few days there.


Got the tux yesterday... it's friggin' pink.  Not pink as in "salmon" or "... whatever else they mght try to pass off as manly"... but pink... as in "you're Mr. Pink, 'cuz you look like a faggot"   Sigh...  I mean I guess this is retribution for making him wear a kilt at my wedding.  Fair is fair.  Apparently it's going to match the ladies' dresses.  So I'll match my wife.  That should be good I guess.


It'll be a good weekend, and no offence Jay, just I can't wait until it's going to be done.  I've got report cards to finish up, which means i shoudl catch up on my marking... which is not a problem.  Except for the fact that kids AREN'T handing things in... grrggh.  Oh, well... I just need to relax.


Then the weekend after that is Celtic Bash!  [you all have your tickets right?]  So that means the week is shot, as I'll be doing tons of rehearsals and extra practices and whatnot.  So I'll be poooped.  When does it end?


apparently Dec. 23... then I get 2 weeks off.  Followed by like 4 more weeks.

Then I've got to find another job.



a little help?

Thursday, November 2, 2006


People... seriously now.. the bash is less than 3 weeks away, almost 2 weeks now..

have you bought a ticket?  There's no excuse not to.  We have a 94 year tradition going ... help keep this pipeband up and running for many more.


Wednesday, November 1, 2006

How my class is going

So I've taken a page from the VP... give 'em something simple so they can feel some success...


So I did stuff like crosswords and word-searches and its seemed to work with some of them.  After a hefty talk from the VP to a bunch of them a few have really settled down.  The class isn't perfect yet, but it's now at least manageable.


Talking to a few of the kids they now are realizing that NOT HANDING stuff in really hurts your mark.  I've been giving them constant updates on what their marks are and some are starting to get smoe of it in.  One kid went from like 40 - 72, another went from 35 - 51, another from 27 - 54.  Like it's totally possible they're seeing now.  It's pretty good.


The vp says we'll do good cop / bad cop for a while.  I'll be just showering them with "LOOK WHAT YOU CAN DO... OH YOU"RE DOING SO GREAT!" (only when necessary obviously) and he'll be the hammer of Thor.


We'll see how that works out.  But with 19 kids, it's going pretty good.  The average has shifted to ~55% now.  Only a few are failing, and then only  by a little.  One kid who hasn't handed anything AT ALL in is the only millstone around the neck fo the average.  But a call home today should help that.


... what's that?  light at the end of the tunnel?