Wednesday, November 15, 2006

J&K's wedding

So the day started out with me getting up fairly early for a Saturday morning.  I got up early enough 'cuz I missed out on going to Nick's shag.

Mandy said we should start the day out right by having a good breakfast.  So we got up ready to go to Fat Cat's.  MMMmmm... except Mandy had forgotten a few things so we started getting worried we were gonna get her to her appointment late.  Turns out her purse was already in the car, and the greasy food doesn't take too long to get out.  So we ended up with enough time... no worries.  Then it's time for me to head of to Justin's.

Justin's house was fun.  We had Jean (the photographer) come on by and snap a few of us getting ready.  We all got to joke about the pink, Mike got to watch some Toy Story and we all had a few laughs with our friend before he ended single-hood.

We then headed off to the church where we waited for the whole show to start.  Mean while Mike, Mark and I got to practice our 'ushering skills.'  Been a while since I'd done that, but I think I did a good job.

The wedding itself... felt like it flew by.  Reminded me of my own day.  I guess I was so caught up in the signal Justin taught Doug and I so taht we don't get given communion.  But we never got a chance to give teh big X.  After a few more moments, Justin was proclaimed a married man.

Then we got to see the fun bus they got for us ... something to ride around in style with.  A HAPPY TIME TOURS bus.  It was pretty cool.  Pretty posh.  We took the bus to a small mansion near the old hospital.  That was pretty neat.  Jean had some real fun, trying to get some 'ol timey' looking photos of the wedding party.  I like the one where we were playing poker at this really old looking table.  I really enjoyed getting to ham it up.  I think that's what weddings are for... just to realize what fun you can have with those around you.

After the photos, it was time to head to the reception at teh Slovak.  There, it was my job (yay... somethign to do) to tell people where they sit.  At least I thought it was my job.  Turns out I was told wrong, as Mandy was saying it was one of the girls' jobs.  It's ok... I got to be near the candies.

The rest of the reception was good... plenty of good food, there was an AWESOME speech by Karen's brother.  Really, Derek, it was good!  The slideshows were also good!

By this time in the evening I had started to sit down for a few, and well... teh week started to catch up with me, and I must admit I was on the verge of falling asleep.  I guess it seemed pretty antisocial of me, but... it was a long week.  A long week that ended well... and as Justin said to Parker "this begins Act II."  So too, after a long week, do we start the next one... for Justin & Karen & Parker, the next week is a pretty big one, the start of a family.  For others (like me) it's just another busy week with plenty of work to do... but as Robert Jordan says "the wheel of time continues to turn... there is neither a beginning nor an end to the turn of the wheel... but this it is a beginning."


Much luck J&K with your new life.  Much happiness in your union!


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