Sunday, November 26, 2006

A lazy sunday ending with HILARITY

So, what to do this Sunday? 


I woke up pretty late this morning due to the fact that the Bowater party ended MUCH later than I had anticipated.  I figured it woudl have been just a short event.  Not so.  It went to 1am,  and I felt bad before going [start of a headache] and we ended up at a table where we didn't know anybody.  Not that it was a bad event, just I wasn't in the right frame o fmind to start, and... well, I felt guilty for feeling bad there.  We gave Greg and Nancy a ride to it, so we couldn't just leave when we wanted to... I'd feel bad dragging Greg away from his only retirement party.  But eventually we did get to go, and I slept... and slept.


In the morning (11am or so) I wake up and decide "I NEED TO DO WORK"... and proceeded to stare at the computer screen  in a battle of wills, fighting the surge of uninspiration I had all weekend.  Marking was done, and the scanning for the site was previously finished, so all I had to do was come up with an idea for a lab on acceleration.  Not an easy task... especially when I have a sort of writer's block for science going.  It was either come up with that idea, or come up with an idea for the AST.  I still haven't come up with an idea for AST yet - any suggestions?    I figure I might do some more conversions.  Maybe rate conversions ($CDN/L ~ $US/gallon, km/h ~ m/s)... there you go .  It took me all day to come up with the idea, and nothing, and now just a few seconds and I've got 2 good ideas!  Neato ... weird how the brain works.


Oh, that brings me to another point... I had suggested to me that I watch the movie "WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW?" saying it was a great science movie.  *pbbbth* [thumbs down]  Horrible new age crap propaganda.  Turns out it was hosted by this chick who claims to be channeling a spirit from Atlantis.  Ick.


This however leads into the topic of what I ended the day with.  Mandy suggested that if she were to get out early enough from work we could go to see a movie.  A few calls and the gang's in to see "BORAT"   Man, that was sooo funny.  I felt... my brain felt like it was rubbed raw, but in a good way.  Some of the jokes were just so... out there.  And I don't mean like "KRAMER" out there, but wow.  Really, is it that funny to make fun of Jews, and the whole American culture and stuff.  Apparently so.  I laughed soo hard at it.  I don't want to speak of it, just in case people have not seen it yet, but my god, I could watch it again and again.


What else to say?  Mandy and I didn't make it to her Nanny's for brunch, she had some work to do, and I sorta slept in.  Tho', we did end up with a chocolate cake still.


It is Ray's birthday today... well officially 1hr06min ago it ended, but still.  Happy bday Ray.


Got an awkward phone call from Kristie today.    She meant to dial another Ryan, but got me instead... I'm sorry it was so awkward Kristie.  I hope sometime soon it won't be so awkward any more.  Not quite sure how to proceed still.


Plans for the Christmas Party are still underway, so keep watching.  My idea of the 'theme' is working out it seems.  Doug's stoked to cook, and Mandy's ready to bake.  The theme will be 'unbearable Christmas" [I just made that name up].  Essentially you are to come either dressed like Santa with the stupid hat or soemthing like that, bad Christmas ties, or horrible Christmas sweaters.  That way everybody will kinda look the same.  It should be fun.  Muppets will be viewed [a Knauff tradition].


Well, that's about all I can think of.  Gotta sleep now... tomorrow's another day... ugh!


[ps, the "..." are actually called "ellipsis" - you got to love Wikipedia]

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