Saturday, November 25, 2006

My blog as of late... has been lacking

I really must apologize... as of late, I really ahven't been keeping up this blog too well.  The entries that do make it in, are short, lacking in any sort of wit and are downright... boring!


I'm sorry.  I really must try to rectify this.  I'd like to say that it has been because I am busy, but really... I only teach one class.  How busy can that be?  Plus I have weekends off these days so even more so I'm care-free.


Who knows why it seems I'm so busy.  I know I've been sleeping oddly lately, and that could be a good attribution.  (is that a word?)

Some say I should go get myself checked out, 'cuz it can't be healthy i'm this tired all the time.  But meh, i'll slow down when I'm dead ... right?


So, what has been going on lately?  ...

Not much (probably the REAL reason I haven't been too good on updating this blog).


I'm jealous of Jarron, who's recently purchased a new 5D.

I'm jealous of Rory and Rain who are putting together their new home.


My parents have just started the reno on their kitchen, and I was helping out with that.  Poor dad... can't eat his morning oatmeal 'cuz they sold their stove.  Just going to have to wait a few weeks until you get your new one.  The new kitchen will be intersting to see... maybe i WILL want to inherit that house after all... heh


The class is starting to shape up a little... tho' I'm still feeling like i"m JUST ahead of the game.  Each day I get home and I just look through Bob's old book and take what he has done.  The after school tutoring is starting to be a pain in the ass.  I mean the class has pared down to just a few kiddies, some of which want to be there... but the paperwork and the whole beauracracy (sp?) is just getting on my nerves.  I mean having to do 29 hand-written reports assessing kids that I spend maybe 2 hours a week with... some who don't even show up... that's insane.  And thanks goes to Nick for telling me that it might well turn out to be like $10/hr only in the end.  Man, just shoot me now.


The bash was a great success!  Numbers were up... hopefully it shows itself to be a great profit turner!


Now... well now I'm leaving the apt to go to Mandy's dad's retirement dinner.  We're both unsure of:

A) do people's kids actually go to these things [i.e. is it just going to be me and Mandy and a bunch of Bowater employees we don't know... all looking at us like "why are you here?"]

B) what to wear.  [is it formal... or not... or what?]

C) how long it will be [i would like to do other things tonight... go see BORAT or something]


Dang... now i really want to go see BORAT. 


Hopefully the next update will be "BORAT --- GREATEST MOVIE IN NATION!"


later all...



ps = do I do the "..." too much?  what do they call that?  an ellipse or something?

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