Wednesday, November 1, 2006

How my class is going

So I've taken a page from the VP... give 'em something simple so they can feel some success...


So I did stuff like crosswords and word-searches and its seemed to work with some of them.  After a hefty talk from the VP to a bunch of them a few have really settled down.  The class isn't perfect yet, but it's now at least manageable.


Talking to a few of the kids they now are realizing that NOT HANDING stuff in really hurts your mark.  I've been giving them constant updates on what their marks are and some are starting to get smoe of it in.  One kid went from like 40 - 72, another went from 35 - 51, another from 27 - 54.  Like it's totally possible they're seeing now.  It's pretty good.


The vp says we'll do good cop / bad cop for a while.  I'll be just showering them with "LOOK WHAT YOU CAN DO... OH YOU"RE DOING SO GREAT!" (only when necessary obviously) and he'll be the hammer of Thor.


We'll see how that works out.  But with 19 kids, it's going pretty good.  The average has shifted to ~55% now.  Only a few are failing, and then only  by a little.  One kid who hasn't handed anything AT ALL in is the only millstone around the neck fo the average.  But a call home today should help that.


... what's that?  light at the end of the tunnel?

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