Wednesday, November 8, 2006

the past 5 days...

I thought it had been forever since I last wrote in here.  But according to the previous posting, only 5 days.


What has happened?  Not much.  I'm starting to bog down.  I'm getting a little behind in my work.  ANd this weekend's not going to help much either.  It's my good friend Justin's wedding on Saturday ... so I'm going to be 'occupied' for a few days there.


Got the tux yesterday... it's friggin' pink.  Not pink as in "salmon" or "... whatever else they mght try to pass off as manly"... but pink... as in "you're Mr. Pink, 'cuz you look like a faggot"   Sigh...  I mean I guess this is retribution for making him wear a kilt at my wedding.  Fair is fair.  Apparently it's going to match the ladies' dresses.  So I'll match my wife.  That should be good I guess.


It'll be a good weekend, and no offence Jay, just I can't wait until it's going to be done.  I've got report cards to finish up, which means i shoudl catch up on my marking... which is not a problem.  Except for the fact that kids AREN'T handing things in... grrggh.  Oh, well... I just need to relax.


Then the weekend after that is Celtic Bash!  [you all have your tickets right?]  So that means the week is shot, as I'll be doing tons of rehearsals and extra practices and whatnot.  So I'll be poooped.  When does it end?


apparently Dec. 23... then I get 2 weeks off.  Followed by like 4 more weeks.

Then I've got to find another job.



a little help?

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