Friday, March 24, 2006

Back on the list

It's official... today I got the letter.  I'm officially on the pool hiring list, for the next 2 years!  Now just to find a job before it expires this time!

Know what's a good song?  Anyting by Colin Hay... really, it's like I'm addicted.



Monday, March 20, 2006

Bach-ing it

So... after our little trip to the Twin Cities, we get back and Mandy's off to visit her sister in Toronto.  Which is ok, she doesn't get to see her that often, so it's nice.  It also means that I get to be a 'bachelor' for a few days.  When my parents would go out of town for a few days my mom would totally just leave nothing but pizza pops and various microwaveable foods.  So I thought when Mandy would leave, seeing as she knows me a little better, having seen me cook and whatnot during our marriage she would be exempt.

Not so... she's left me food.  At least it's food.  But on each of the bags of marinated chicken or pork are the written instructions on how to cook and prepare them.  I guess being a guy means that the women in your life will look after you no matter where you are.


Thanks hon, and thanks mom for all those pizza pops.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The double date trip...

So, did the double date thingie... yes, I hate double dates.  I'm not big on doing duo things.  But it was March Break... and both Rory and I had the week off... Mandy wanted to visit her Grammy and see the car show... and Rain, well she just asked for the time off.  It was great really.

We left Friday around 6ish after a bit of a curfuffle [yes, i made up the word spelling] about who was driving what vehicle.  We made it to Duluth and went looking for the hotel.  We had never stayed there before so we weren't sure where it was.  After driving through some 'scuzzy' areas we were glad to see it was in a good area and it was a great hotel.  Dinner was at Grandma's.. mmm

Saturday started out with some of my allergies starting to get more severe and Rory not getting any waffles.  Either he assumed too much or too little, but what we do know is what happens when you assume - Rory gets no waffles.  We drove to Minneapolis and took our time so that we could check in at the proper time.  This meant going to Ikea.  Which was long and excruciating if your kleenex supply is running low and you have a raw nose.  But we found a few things.  Our "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL" poster now has a frame.  We ended up at the hotel and take a break from our shopping.  Mandy and I borrowed the car and visited her Grammy.  Mandy blames her map being old, but the gas attendant didn't.  We just turned a right when we shoulda turned a left.  After we could have gone out with Rory and Rain with Mark, but in the end my allergies and Mandy's dislike of Mark we decided to stay in.  Wen went for a late dinner at Denny's [where Mandy got some extra mashed potatoes].

Sunday we started out with some more wonderful hotel food [i like hardboiled eggs] and lunch with Mandy's Grammy.  It [lunch] ended with me winning at Yahtzee by 1 point, tho' I must admit we only played a half game.  After that we met up with mark for a car show experience.   Pretty cool... but we missed the whole point of these shows - the concept cars.  OH, well, I got to see the Land Rover tent and sit in an Outback, but not in a Shelby .  We did  get to Sawatdee and have some nice food.  Mmm... gotta remember to get those pork rolls again - and it coulda been a little spicier.  That night ended up with beer, beer and more beer, a bong [thank you Walmart automotive dept], a bottle of wine, some puckers and mini burgers and dessert at Denny's.  Way to go girls - almost there! 

Monday we awoke [slowly mind you] to a storm that was closing schools and causing buses to get stuck.  We waited a while hoping visibility might increase.  Eventually we decide to strike out... after undigging the car, we load up and head out.  Kudos to Rory for lasting the 4 gruelling hours, but we made it to Duluth.  Mandy was smart - she called ahead and had some rooms booked for us at Duluth in case we might need it.  Thinking it over in Hacienda del Sol Rain decided she could call work for another day off due to the storm.  See what good Mexican food can do for ya?  When we got to the hotel, Rory checked in with home to let them know we're safe and got the good news of James.  Congrats Jen!  We went to the mall and tried to go to an Antique shop [after it was closed the other day].  Target was neat as well, found another candy dish - now the count is at 4.  We get back to the hotel to enjoy the hot tub that we missed enjoying on Friday night - volleyball was fun in the pool.  No net, no points [no way the ball can touch the ground].

Tuesday woke us with Rory figuring out the waffle machine and some more hard boiled eggs.  After a quick trip to the Chocolate Factory [dad might not be getting that almond bark]  and the Antique store, [which was done in that order because of our timing] we headed on back home.  A few close run-ins with some deer we finally made it home.  Nice!



Tuesday, March 7, 2006

A bunch of parts later... withdrawals are gone


My computer last week really started to act up.  Turning off... normally a reboot is not such a dire thing... hell it's windows, we're sorta used to them by now.  Especially with the downlading I'm doing, a few crashes here and there is nothing to be too concerned about.  The weird thing was that in order to turn it back on you had to unplug the computer ... wait a few minutes ... then plug it back in before it could be turned back on.  That was odd.  Definitely not normal.


After it happened about a dozen times in a row I had had enough.  So I asked Mandy to send it to John.  Turns out it there was a problem with the motherboard, and since it's not one of his own, it has to be ordered specially.  It was a week before it came in.  A week is a LONG time for me to go without a computer... but I lasted [thank goodness for my wifi card on my palm].


By the time it was ready, John found out that the powersupply was running too high, so it needed to be replaced as well.  In order for it to be 'worth my while' [yes my logic is sometimes flawed] I asked him to throw in there a dual layer burner and another harddrive.


So now I'm expecting the worst for costs.  This is gonna be pricey.  Turns out, John likes us for some reason and decides to catch us a break.  He gives me the parts at cost and for the labour he only asks that Mandy 'works off that debt.'  When I went to pick it the costs were awesome, definitely a great deal [thanks John], and that he also gets "10 Hours of Mandy Time" 


But my baby works... I'm doing some homework and some webpage work and plain ol' gaming.


Yay... i love computers.