Tuesday, March 7, 2006

A bunch of parts later... withdrawals are gone


My computer last week really started to act up.  Turning off... normally a reboot is not such a dire thing... hell it's windows, we're sorta used to them by now.  Especially with the downlading I'm doing, a few crashes here and there is nothing to be too concerned about.  The weird thing was that in order to turn it back on you had to unplug the computer ... wait a few minutes ... then plug it back in before it could be turned back on.  That was odd.  Definitely not normal.


After it happened about a dozen times in a row I had had enough.  So I asked Mandy to send it to John.  Turns out it there was a problem with the motherboard, and since it's not one of his own, it has to be ordered specially.  It was a week before it came in.  A week is a LONG time for me to go without a computer... but I lasted [thank goodness for my wifi card on my palm].


By the time it was ready, John found out that the powersupply was running too high, so it needed to be replaced as well.  In order for it to be 'worth my while' [yes my logic is sometimes flawed] I asked him to throw in there a dual layer burner and another harddrive.


So now I'm expecting the worst for costs.  This is gonna be pricey.  Turns out, John likes us for some reason and decides to catch us a break.  He gives me the parts at cost and for the labour he only asks that Mandy 'works off that debt.'  When I went to pick it the costs were awesome, definitely a great deal [thanks John], and that he also gets "10 Hours of Mandy Time" 


But my baby works... I'm doing some homework and some webpage work and plain ol' gaming.


Yay... i love computers.


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