Sunday, February 26, 2006

So, I guess I should explain

Explanation time.. no, I'm ok people.  Don't worry, just a little batch of bad news that day.  Besides, Canada lost the hockey game and was out of medal standings.  It was a bad day all around.

Okay, so here's the skinny on what happened.  If you haven't heard already.  PACI as of next year will only be a 10-12 students with only the students who are already there.  No new influx.  What with the rejection of the re-zoning alot of students are already jumping ship over to Hammerskjold.  It's funny, they say that enrollment is declining at those schools, and I wonder why, they keep saying it's closing so of course, nobody's gonna wann go there.

The reality is that the # of students will be the same overall... so the jobs should be safe.  Just people will have to move around.  My problem with that is the fact that I usually benefited from the more schools.  They'd have more classes.  With less schools there's less chancesof having smaller classes. Like instead of 2 classes with 15 a piece, they'd have 1 of 30 ...

So, that's why I felt a little down over it, I realized that I'd be getting a short end here.  And seeing as I'm not even ON a seniority list... I'm on the lowest rung.  That and I'm waiting for results from my interview.  I'm not too pleased ... I don't think I did well.  Time will tell.


PACI - r.i.p.

too bad!


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