Monday, February 20, 2006

I ramble on too much - Sometimes it's not good for an interview

Today, I had an interview...

Not an issue, normally... I've had lots of interviews lately.  Weirdly enough, the LAST interview I had was with the same people.  Today it was for the pool hiring list, and to ensure tha tI keep my spot on there.  Apparently it 'runs out' after 2 years, so you have to renew it.  So, at 2pm today I went down to the board office to try to do that.

Written Part - 25 minutes

You are to write about your best lesson / unit to date.  It was funny, because I guess being a new teacher you always think your best to date is your most recent.  So I wrote about that 10 Applied unit I redesigned and stuff.  Then part way through they were conducting the oral interviews in the next room and you could hear the questions through the walls, so they had to move me and this girl to another room to write.  When I get to the room there's no more desks available so she then takes me to the 3rd floor to write in there.  So technically all the moving I had less than the allotted time, but... I'm not going to complain.  I had a great idea and it didn't take me long to write it.


Oral Part

This was neat as it was the people who last gave me an interview... I didn't get that position... so maybe it wasn't neat.  But Neil is a good guy, so it was nice seeing a friendly face there.

  1. Why you?

  2. How have you designed a curriculum to incorporate students of different learning levels.

  3. Situation:  you meet a student in the hall who has missed a few days of your class lately and when you ask them why they say "somebody's been taunting me" and when you ask them if they are coming today they say "no, i don't think so" and walk away

  4. How have you incorporated Literacy in the classroom?

  5. Explanation of your Written Portion

Always disliked question #1, I'm not good at bragging about myself.  But I did get a chance to tell them about the website I've designed which I think is a good thing.  They were all pretty much standard fare questions, but... still... I ramble on alot, I'm not so good at explaining myself on the spot.  Give me some time to really develop a response and I'm ok... maybe I shouldn't try to be a lawyer... who knows.  I wish me luck.


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