Monday, February 6, 2006

NipiGONE - and the 'stupid tax'

So... bonehead award here.  Go to do a show for the Men's Briar in Nipigon.  Me, Rory and Joe.  Should be good, we got paid a good amount so we could all make some good cash.  But... well, the way my life goes I packed late last night and left super early this morning with my gear.  So I totally forgot to bring my dress shoes.    After Joe was a little upset over forgetting his tie, and I realized that I forgot my flashes... I notice that I'm wearing my only pair of shoes and they're my shitty brown ones.  So I make the split decision call to go off and buy a pair...   back at the shop where Ror picked up some undershirts.  So I realized that we're in NIPIGON... they really don't have much of a selection... no dress shoes... barely any just black shoes.  So I buy the only pair that could pass if nobody's really looking and they're $42.  My stupid tax!    I deserved to pay it.  Luckily the lady took pity on me and she said she'd give me the 20% off rate.  Nice... so now I just have to take them back to Wal-Mart sometime... heh. 

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