Saturday, February 4, 2006

Next Semester looming

So here comes the next semester, just looming around the corner. Should be good.  I've got the 10 applieds again.  Which means I've already got most of the resources planned, plus I've got a very good idea of how to calendar it out.  To make it even easier, Jarron's also got a period of them too, so it'll be pretty cool to co-teach this class.  It'll be pretty efficient by the time we're done.  Also, I've only 13 students too!  Nice.

The other bonus is that I'm getting my contacts in with the school.  Especially after the last trip, it was pretty good.  Got to really know a few of the guys better and they got to see me more at least.  It'll be good when I'm back on supply that they'll know who I am and when they need me I guess hopefuly I can stick out.  I should get around to getting my cards out to the other schools so that they know I'm good for supply afternoons.

Well... enough of this dawdling, I should get back to work or something.  Got a band dinner thing to get to tonight, and hopefully Jarron'll have looked at the stuff I've made up for the first few days.



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