Monday, May 27, 2013

The sun can do some amazing things [13/20]

It's something I always forget to do on the first 'opportunity' in the spring/summer.

Put on sun screen.

You just forget about it... entirely.

Sure, you're happy the sun's out.  After all, we hoped it would so it could 'clear up all the rain' (please please please don't rain too much tomorrow night... let's not test fate with the basement!)

But, we spent the better part of Sunday out at the Kite Festival.  It was an awesome time.  Not too hot, not too cold - a little windy.  Perfect.

We brought Dylan with us (as Dean and her have been a little inseparable lately) and they just had a blast running around like crazy.  As much as we're also running around and putting up kites, there's a good portion where we just get to kick back and watch them run around.... that's when you're in danger of the sun burning your precious epidermal layer!

I just assumed that they would have fallen asleep immediately after, as soon as we put them in the car.  Nope... long drive back (not really long, just took forever as there was a crapload of folks all leaving at the same time down a single lane road)... nope.

Did I crash as soon as we got home.  Darn right!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Rain rain, go away

nah, you can't come back here
at least for a while!
No, not you Rain...

But the rain from the sky.

Whilst we were fixing the basement the skies opened up and rained for a bit.  Nothing great, but then again anything after last year's crazy rain storm seems pale by comparison.

Greg called me this morning and asked if I had water in the basement.  I hadn't even thought to look.

We did... good thing I didn't send the shop vac back yet.

Now, just to find out where it is coming from (it's in the same spot as last year).

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Long weekend and projects

So it's the long weekend, and you stay out thinking that you'll be super productive... 

Rake the lawn (clear out rocks, etc)
Clean the house
Barbecue ready

Monday, May 13, 2013

Still kinda blushing... [7/11]

a sample of what I might do
for our team photos this year
So - those of you who know me, know that as egocentric as I sometimes am... I really don't handle compliments well.  I'm not saying I'm self deprecating, or bashful, just maybe I'm not really trusting when it comes to people complimenting me.

Anyways, I'm still kinda taken back by a tiny comment today, and it's going to my head.

Teeball season is almost upon us and although the weather is conspiring against us, Sharron got the coaches for this year to get together and talk about the upcoming year.

Then she turned to me and said "Ryan, we had a lot of nice compliments about your coaching last year, would you like to share what you did"

I was taken aback, not really because of the compliment initially, but more so that I wondered who, because to be honest, I was just faking it.

Anyways, I was kinda stoked to hear about that.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Starting the biking season [6/10]

today was especially cold and windy
So, the biking season has begun!  Yay...
First flat tire, first tire replacement (tube), scheduled first tune up, already had my first drenching (my clothes and shoes from that day are STILL wet).

I'm at 6/10 so far... what with a flat tire, a supply day and just some normal stuff... 60%... and then Monday I have to bring in the bike and not pick it up until Tuesday (so that'll be 6.5/11, then 7/12 -- I really wanted them to be able to take it in on the same day).  And next week is After Business, so there's another day gone.

But at least I'm doing it.

And, I'm not doing the 'stop and go hack' biking.  I've come to a decision.

I'm giving up on Ingress.

Maybe not permanently, but I have to admit, I was getting a little... obsessive.  Watching the intel map all day, and really all the diverting and new routes were burning through my gas.  On the bike it just meant it was killing my biking time, plus it really was taking me longer.

Sucks as there's been some new portals coming on line... maybe I'll be back.  I think if there were more players, else I feel like it's just me out there and then my competitive nature makes me believe that it's my responsibility.

It's not... so no more portals for me.  It's not going quite as well as I'd hoped, so I went and deleted the apps off of my phone.  Still, I find myself just peeking at the intel map now and again to see what's happening.  I'm going to try to go through the entire of today not looking.  We'll see how that goes.

I feel like a quitter, but really it's that I'm jealous of those that can play way more often than I could.  I even found myself interested in volunteering for the City's Public Art Committee, just so I could find a way to heighten the interest in the game.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

RIP Bert, Happy Bday Nolie, & Maypril Fools Day [2/3]

So I started biking the other day... after it was terribly bad for allergies (I had to leave work early).

Then today was Maypril Fools Day and I tried to look up last year's post and saw that I had already biked 12 days by this time last year... ouch.

Better late than never, no?

Oh, and Happy Birfday big bro!  [i.e. Nolan]