Saturday, May 18, 2013

Long weekend and projects

So it's the long weekend, and you stay out thinking that you'll be super productive... 

Rake the lawn (clear out rocks, etc)
Clean the house
Barbecue ready

But then you realize you'd be more happy just doing nothing and then that's what you're heart sets on.

Then karma kicks in.

Apparently we didn't remove the hose from the outside garden hose valve... Dean turns on the hose... Mandy tells him to stop. Mandy looks over and sees nothing coming out and assumes Dean listened. Layer Mandy walks by the nozzle seeing it trickle some water and assumes Dean just didn't turn it off all the way...

I go to the basement and find the flood.
Apparently not removing the hose from the valve during the winter traps water, despite it being a frost valve and when it freezes causes it to break...

So all that water Dean had turned on just flowed down the pipe inside the house.


Thanks to Greg we have dried up the water and removed all the wall and more fixed the valve.

We're letting the wall dry and tomorrow will put new insulation in and put the walls back up.

Yay to being a home owner.

How's your weekend going?

On a good note we had a fantastic hangout last night. Check it out in my youtube.

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