Monday, May 27, 2013

The sun can do some amazing things [13/20]

It's something I always forget to do on the first 'opportunity' in the spring/summer.

Put on sun screen.

You just forget about it... entirely.

Sure, you're happy the sun's out.  After all, we hoped it would so it could 'clear up all the rain' (please please please don't rain too much tomorrow night... let's not test fate with the basement!)

But, we spent the better part of Sunday out at the Kite Festival.  It was an awesome time.  Not too hot, not too cold - a little windy.  Perfect.

We brought Dylan with us (as Dean and her have been a little inseparable lately) and they just had a blast running around like crazy.  As much as we're also running around and putting up kites, there's a good portion where we just get to kick back and watch them run around.... that's when you're in danger of the sun burning your precious epidermal layer!

I just assumed that they would have fallen asleep immediately after, as soon as we put them in the car.  Nope... long drive back (not really long, just took forever as there was a crapload of folks all leaving at the same time down a single lane road)... nope.

Did I crash as soon as we got home.  Darn right!

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