Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where to begin

Recently I have undertaken a new year’s project – a photo-a-day.  And it’s been great as a challenge.  I’m starting to learn a little more about composition and making the most out of the camera I have.  It has also been good ground work for striving to take some daily action.  Something I too much have let fall by the way side.  I was going to bike each day, or work out, or at least try WiiFit, play my pipes, write in my blog…

So it got me thinking a little bit.  My blog has been severely neglected this past while.  Which made think of why.  You know, I probably post a status update in my facebook or messenger several times a day.  I haven’t yet decided to join twitter.  But this idea of micro-blogging became easier than loading up my “live writer” to write a story for that day.

So, as I’ve been going through my photos and endeavouring to meet this challenge I came to a realization that I should also strive to work on this blog.  With that in mind I am attempting to rectify my blog omissions.

Here is that attempt:  (insert Law & Order sound here).

I vow to try to write at least 2 entries per week.

I know that (like my photos) some will be lacking the proper lustre that they should, but putting myself into a rhythm is good.  Maybe it will translate into other areas.  Maybe it will help with my writing style (anybody know of any business writing courses?).

Now… do I try to catch you up on what’s been happening?  Or should I just start fresh?  Obviously I’ll try to keep it updated with the photo-a-day challenge so people on here can see my photos.