Saturday, December 6, 2008

Coordinated coordinates

So, I can officially say I'm landing on my feet.  Well... we'll see.  What I'm trying to say is that I have been officially hired for a real job.  Not that Scholars was a 'fake' job, just ... well this is full time, and although it's contract, it feels like it could be permanent.  Who knows?

I just went in to check out the 'digs' and it's pretty sweet.  I'll put pics up shortly.  I get a cell phone, a laptop, there's a budget for driving around town, alot of swag, and I might even get a trip to Hamilton with rental car priveleges... so what is this job?


It's a branch, or wing ... essentially overseen by the North Superior Training Board.  It's a great job thus far.  Tho' I haven't done anything.  The majority of the job seems to help coordinate the setup of the Regional Career Fair by contacting local businesses and getting them to register with the employer registry program so that students can have opportunities for appropriate training.  I'll find out on Monday more specifically what are my duties.

Kinda feel bad, the board (nstb) just had a press conference dealio yesterday and I missed it, and then missed seeing it on TV ... probably shoulda so I could brown-nose with the boss for her media presentation.

Anything else?  Well Mandy put some new videos of Dean up on the web over at  Go check 'em out.  He's getting to be a real handful, now that he's crawling everywhere.