Monday, November 28, 2005

Dave Matthews in Concert!

Awesome concert man... I couldn't write in yesterday about it because i was TOO tired.


So Jarron and I take off after work to get to Superior.  The drive down kinda sucked as it got dark and the snow picked up... but we eventually made it to Duluth, and then had a fun time trying to find the hotel.  The Days Inn, not the highest quality hotel.  I could attach videos, Jarron did a good opening interview.  The place did have a miror wall, which is pretty cool.  We had a few beverages, the worst onion rings in the world... but at least it was a place to stay for the night.


We had a late breakfast at the Perkins and head to Minneapolis for the Marriott. Now that was a swank hotel... valets, etc...  We get to check in, fight with the internet in the hotel room and have some pre-readying for the concert.  Which doesn't include food.  Which will come back to haunt me in the future of the night.  We start meeting tons of people in the hotel, and out on the street all heading to the concert.  Plenty of good lookin' women too.  I bought a bunch of t-shirts, and more beverages.  We had a great time, met with a nice group behind us, and danced for a while.


The end of the night I ended up hanging by the cool looking commode... shoulda ate something.  Oh, well.


Wouldn't have missed it for anything.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Awesome, got my Hip DVD today...  awesome.   Not only is it all their videos [which I'm a late coming fan of the Hip, so I've missed some of them], but it also has a concert DVD!  [plus 2 greatest of CDs].  My evening's planned.  Just gonna sit here and watch these for a while... veg out and Hip it up.  Good practice for the trip to Minneapolis.


Did I not mention Minneapolis?  I know I haven't updated in a while, but I'm sure I've mentioned it.  Dave Matthews Band.  My first time getting to go see them... ever.  November 26th.  Jarron and I are going down, it's gonna be effin' wicked!  Which reminds me I still need to book a hotel in Duluth for the previous night.


I need that break.  Classes are really running me down lately.  Maybe it's me, maybe it's the kids... maybe it's the late late LATE nights.  Not sure.


What else to report?  The bash was a great time.  I'd report more on that, but I think anybody who was there, already knows all about it... those who weren't?... well I'm not gonna repay your unkindness of not helping us raise funds...I shoulda brought my camera that night.  Dust Rhinos kicked so much ass that night it was great!


Later all!