Wednesday, January 25, 2006

...grumble... ...grumble...

Man, gotta get me some grumble cakes!

So where to begin.  IT"S THE END OF THE YEAR!  Sorta... the end of the semester.  A student actually bought me a coffee today!  Yay... she works at Seattle, so it's not much of a victory, but nonetheless, no student has ever bought me anything. 


So, as I sit here... readying for exams.  First is tomorrow at 9:30... let's see if the kids are ready.  Many will not be, that much I know.  It's the ones that are blaming me that sort of annoy me. 


Then there's the "what's happening next semester" question buzzing around.  At least, finally, that has been answered.  I have 1 period at PACI for LTO.  Which is ok... I guess.  Feel kinda burned that Hammerskjold didn't think I was good enough.  Kinda scared to call and ask for a review of my interview... too humbling.  But I have a period at a school I know and with colleagues I love working with.  The part that's making me grumble is that they split a class and made one of them CONTRACTUAL.  This means my foot would finally be in the door!  I've been waiting forever for this.  But before it even is posted, it gets handed over to whoever is 'owed' the period.  Ouch... 


What else... not much.  Just tired lots... thank god the group is getting out of town this weekend.  Pictures to follow.


Later all...


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