Saturday, January 14, 2006

A new year and yet more applications...

Not much has changed.  Another year is afoot and I'm sitting here getting my applications together.


Not just for more teaching jobs, but to be ABLE to apply for jobs.  Yes, I know... it's retarded.

I've already re-applied for more LTO positions next semester.  That's another bitch (more to come).  But I'm currently on the pool-hiring list, which means that I can apply for LTO positions when tehy come up.  It's sort of like longer term supply positions.  But being on the supply board isn't enough.  You have to be on the pool list to be able to apply to these or any full time jobs.  And it expires after 2 years.

What gets me is that if you've been busting your hump and applying to every job available and ahven't moved from pool to CONTRACT [i.e. full time] you have to re-apply.  Like if you hadn't applied or moved away, I could see them asking for a re-application, but it's not like I ahven't been trying to get off the pool.  So I have to get everything together for this board YET AGAIN.

Now I've also recently applied to 2 more LTO positions for next semester.  One at PACI for 9App Math and then 2 at Hammerskjold 9app and 10app math.  PACI called me to the office pretty soon after the break and set up an appointment and asked me when it would be best for me.  Awesome... Hamm calls me during class and when I get back to them they tell me I will have 'make arrangements' so taht I can go to the interview.  Which according to the times means that I'll ahve to miss my class.  How can I do that?  How likely is PACI gonna help me out so that I can apply elsewhere.  I know the teachers are great and will... but still... iv'e got presentations to mark that day... how can I miss those?  AAARRRGH.


Somebody explain this crazy world to me...


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