Saturday, January 21, 2006

Never play with the Symphony ...

... if you're a pipeband player.

We're playing the "Mull of Kintyre" with a Paul McCartney tribute band who's playing with the symphony.  Normally we've done okay with that.  It's always been a great show.  But this time we're playing with the symphony... and htey tune entirely differently from the way pipebands tune.  Well not entirely, just SUPER FLATTER.  If that's a word.  After we practiced once with them and realized tha tit would be so much flatter in pitch we had to spend another 3 hours (maybe 4... unsure) retuning.  We eventually had to get out our REAALLY old chanters to make sure that they could go that low.  472 -20 cents doesn't seem that low if you think about it... but unbelievably hard to get our new equipment to do.


Well we play in under 4 hours... practicing begins in 1.5... should be fun!  I'll post pictures when i get 'em.


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