Monday, March 20, 2006

Bach-ing it

So... after our little trip to the Twin Cities, we get back and Mandy's off to visit her sister in Toronto.  Which is ok, she doesn't get to see her that often, so it's nice.  It also means that I get to be a 'bachelor' for a few days.  When my parents would go out of town for a few days my mom would totally just leave nothing but pizza pops and various microwaveable foods.  So I thought when Mandy would leave, seeing as she knows me a little better, having seen me cook and whatnot during our marriage she would be exempt.

Not so... she's left me food.  At least it's food.  But on each of the bags of marinated chicken or pork are the written instructions on how to cook and prepare them.  I guess being a guy means that the women in your life will look after you no matter where you are.


Thanks hon, and thanks mom for all those pizza pops.


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