Sunday, November 19, 2006

CELTIC BASH X (the final carouse?)

So, the bash was awesome.  Really the whole night was just perfect.


To start it off on Saturday we got to the Coliseum and the girls had done an AMAZING job on the posters they were making.  Really it was way more than we needed.  I wish I had brought some sort of camera for it all. 


In fact I didn't bring ANYTHING.  We had Mike get his camcorder to video everything.


Rory, Dyland & I had to go play at the Mall, in hopes that we could promote the event some more.  Turns out that before we went we were up to 600+ people.  So, really it wasn't that necessary.  But it was kinda neat playing through the mall for Santa Claus!


We did some quick sound checks ... we had a new stage... well, not new, just BIGGER.  So we lined us all up on stage and did soem tuning and run throughs.  Nothing severe, just to get a feel of what we were getting outselves into.  Rory adn I were starting to get concerned about some of the tuning problems.  Hrmm... hope it jus tfixes itself.


By the time we got back to the Coliseum, it was starting to get busy, but we realized the other bands were starting to tune up, so we didn't have much chance to do so.  So by the time we had to get ready, it was just the fastest tuning we had ever done.  Then it was out we go.  It was the fastest few minutes I had ever done.  And it was HOT.  [i need to renew my objection to the uniform if anybody in teh band reads this].  Hot and it was BRIGHT.  I couldn't see anybody in the crowd.  But it really sounded amazing.  It was great.  Then we did a quick uniform change to get ready for set #2.  Which went JUST as fast as the first.  But it was nice... we sounded good.  The tuning really did 'come in'.  We sounded TIGHT.  IT was great.  Nothing but compliments the entire night from everybody.  I have the video footage from mike on it.  Maybe I'll start that youtube account and post some video soon.


Then the Dust Rhinos were on.  man they are a truly great band.  I mean they played WHITE STRIPES... U2... PETER GABRIEL... and it was all so seamless, like it was THEIR SONGS.  In between their sets we played our quartet (with 6 pipers).  It was not going to be easy as Steve came in a little... 'under the weather'  And he was a little off in his playing.  Besides that we played great!  Especially DYLAN... Dylan had a little groupie ring just shouting for him.


After the night was over, it was time to clean up and head for the after-party.  The Dust Rhinos said they really enjoyed their show, and they were asking US about next year.  That's cool.  Theey were talking about coming to the after party, but luckily they didn't... it was pretty low key anyways.


Overall the event was great, and I would like to thank those that came out.  Guys, we really appreciate it.  The rumour was there might have been 900 people there.  Now the question is:  should there be an 11?  The dust rhinos thought there should be... many people in the band thought there should be [funny how mostly it was the peeople who didn't do all too much for it].. or do we scrap and do something different.  Rely on St. Patty's day gig and do a mini-concert or something after.  It's tough to say whether we really might be able to make enough money from other events.  ...


what do you think people?  let us know!


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