Friday, July 25, 2008

It's been a loong time a' runnin'

Okay, I knw.  I haven't written here in a while (probably the biggest gap yet), hence the tragically hip song title...


But hey, I've just had a kid, my life is hectic.  Band's ben hectic.  We've done alot of parades recently:


  • 3 graduations
  • church celebration
  • shelter house relay
  • hibbing
  • minocqua (which was 3 parades in a day!!)

plus there's Buternut this weekend


Dean's been great lately too... he loves his jollly-jumper (tahnks rain and rory).. he's really getting independant.  Hes starting on the thicker pablum stuff too.

The house steps was pretty fun.  Thanks greg for the help.  MG-Krete worked pretty well.  Just have to find what kind of sealant I want on the steps beore deciding on a paint fo it.

AND, i picked up my new toy finally.  I got my ASUS eeePC.  The 4G version.  It's been great.  playing with it all... but I took of Linux, 'cuz I just coudn't figure it out at all.  So i put Windows XP on it.  Took almost 48 hours to put on.  Still fiddling... space is a premium with only 4gb of room.  I'll let you nkow how it all goes out.

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