Sunday, January 7, 2007

Oh, man... class is TOMORROW??!?!?!?

Okay, so... after days of waiting around and enjoying my break, it's been great!  I really enjoyed this time off... almsot too much.  I'm not sure how I"m going ot get up that early tomorrow.


Last week I went back to PTC, but that's only half days, so it's not much really.  Brandy was really resenting that I could 'nap' in the afternoon.


But tomorrow, I've got to do my 'full' day.  That's gonna be hell.  Ugh.


PLUS, after doing up my culminating activity, I'm now realizing they're going to need some computer lab time, so ... they need computers.  And that kinda stuff needs to be book in advance.  Plus, I'm guessin the other classes probably have the same thing in mind.  And seeing I'm totally like the 'newbie' they probably did this months ago.  Hrmm...  So I'm gonna have to go early in the morning to figure it out.  I figure if they can't get into the computer lab (any or the library), then we'll have to watch the NOVA scienceNOW episodes which might help get them thinking... I hope.  Because really, i have NOTHING left for them.  Except for exam review.

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