Monday, January 29, 2007

The boy's trip

As I'm probably not allowed to officially go into all the details for what we did on the trip, but I'll be as discrete as I can.


So we leave, town JUST as I was getting my new palm.  [I must say, it's pretty cool... the battery is pretty good!] and I was almost the last one in the car.  Didn't notice them pull up as I was working on it still.  Getting through the border was pretty easy this year as we had honest-faced Derek do the 'splainin.  At that point we had to pick up supplies at the Ryden's.  It wasn't much after that that Rory showed his new tubing toys.  The rest of the trip got fun!  And we didn't break any windows!!  (double yay)


Fiorot brought for us Punjabi Power Hour... man, that was pretty funny "Rocco Rompamore" (sp?)  He was pretty funny!  I laughed alot.  "ya got ta bring 'is gard down... DOWN!"  "issa bout 450 kilometers... it a take me a bout a 4 days.  i packa a lunch"  anyways, download it... issa funny "i killa pair a mice, trow 'em in da parkin' lot"


The first night we get to the Bridgeview and the boys are ready to go out and party.  It's really only about 7pm only, but you would think it's like midnight.  It was way too early to go from teh van to a bar... a few boys found that out.  But we took care of those that needed it.


The next morning required us to make THE LONGEST trke out to Minneapolis ever.  Maybe it was 'cuz the day after... maybe it was the McD's steak bagel... (T just loved it).


So, we get to the Embassy and just needed a break... missed out on the hottub as I just relaxed for a few.  When I was rested enough Mags took Ror and I to Marshall's to go on a shopping bonanza.  But I figure I just don't like shopping.  Even tho' it's a $700 jacket for $100... I really don't need it.  I'm just not a shopper.


Then it was time for the manager's special... played Pas the Ace for 2 solid hours... I got in trouble 'cuz I ran out of singles and used change to buy in.  During that, George (who's birthday we invented last night for Jarron's fan #1 fan) suggested we hit Ichiban for dinner.  It was the place with like the Japanese chefs with the flinging knives and girll right in front of you and stuff.  Man, I had never eaten that much... or felt like it.  Like I was soo stuffed.  I just loved the food... and Talo was very impressive.  There was sesame seeds on everything, and the 'chinese ketchup' (i.e. teriyaki) was amazing.  The chicken was sooo filling I couldn't believe it.  As much as the others kept saying "we gotta do the chopstick diet... it takes forever to eat anything" it's the opposite for me.


So I felt I should stay home for the night, so Rory and I just relaxed in the room for a while.  It was a good night irregardlessly (yes, i know that's not a word).


The trip home was pretty quiet... with the exception of Nunan showing the animal kingdom who's at the top of the food chain.  It was actually pretty spooky at first.  The first deer jumped across the road, then teh 2nd slowly made the trek, and luckily we were slowed down enough that when it jumped it sorta just grazed the hood.  But it still thrashed around a bit when it was on the ground.  Rory got out and was debating on whether it should be 'helped' at which point it thrashed enough to get up.  That's when Rory hurried back int he car.  It eventually walked away into the bush.  It was just pretty spooked.


Anyways, as a change we had no problem getting back either, and I was dropped off 2nd!  Pretty cool.


It was a good trip... teh boys had fun, we relaxed from teh exam schedule and I even picked up a few things for Mandy too!  Heh I gotta go find Punjabi Power Hour.


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