Monday, January 8, 2007

First day of school... first day back at least

So, I did the 'day before' blog entry... so I should do the day of blog entry.


Today was the first day back at the school... Nothing exciting, go figure.  They kids just had 16 days off in a row.  16 days of sleeping in until noon (or later) and now you bring them back to a regular routine.


Plus today was "here's your culminating activity booklet, now get to work" day, which didn't exactly go over well.  But I think they'll be ok.  Tomorrow will be in the computer lab.


Which is another story in of itself.


I asked for the morning off from PTC from Rain so that I could go and get the labs all booked.  I figured I should be there super early and get bookings done, but as I said yesterday I didn't have much hope, 'cuz there'd be already tons of teachers booking that stuff already.  When I get there for like before 9... NOBODY had booked anythign.  So i just took random days in the library and random days in the comp lab.  I didn't want to book a solid 9 days in a row ... figured soembody might raise an eyebrow or 2.


Well, we'll see how tomorrow goes... I'll keep you posted!

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