Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The concert

First I'll recap the concert.  Then I can talk about my interviews..  There's been soem recent development so I'll need to go back to it anyways.


Well, the concert was great.  We started out by meeting at the Elk's for 6ish... which turned out to be 6:15ish for Eilidh and I, 6:10 for Trish.  Then we waited for the rest.  Chris said he'd be JUST RIGHT THERE, when we were downstairs.  And Jeff said he might be there for 7ish.  Jarron showed up around 6:40 or so, along with Regan and some other guys, and we all chatted for a bit.  Chris showed up about 7, and that was when we got a call from jeff saying he was IN the arena (all alone in the dark) and the show would probably be starting soon.  So we headed over.


Regan lost his ticket on the way over.  We had to go track down his friend and get himt o come to the gate to see if he still had it, or had Regan, indeed, lost it?  Turns out he had it in a pocket... not sure how you miss that.  When we got there, it turns out that our seats weren't all too far apart.  Jarron, Regan, et. al. were fairly close by.  And soon enough the concert started.


I must say, they put on a good show!  Gord is... well he's getting "out there" in terms of his wackiness.  There was no real "protracted dialogue" in the middle of his songs this time... but he kept doing some real "White River" moves (as they have now become known -- ask Chris).


I just have a hard time at concerts because I'm never a "WOOHOO" party guy, especially in a 'seated' venue.  So you're never sure how to act.  Plus standing pretty much slightly up on my toes the whole concert doesn't make your calfs feel good.  The other thing I have a hard time with at concerts is the fact that I tend to like the 'songs-you-can't-do-in-concert" songs.  Like I wanted to hear Wheat Kings, or Fiddler's Green.  They would be good songs... but at a concert, that's when people go off and get beer.  (i.e. Jarron and Regan heading off to the Curling Club for 1 or 2 in between good sets)


On the way out I decided to take a gander at the merchandise.  Then I saw the price.  Man... $35 for a t-shirt is way too much.  Then I saw a nice zip up full length arm thingie... that was $60, so I walked away.  That was when we lost Chris.  A phone call later turned up the fact that he had just thought we walked out.


Well, was it worth $50... ?  I think so.. but I just love the Hip.  I'll see them again too.  And it's not that I don't like some of their new stuff (some of it's really good), I just would have liked to see them maybe 5-10 years ago.  That would be awesome!


In conclusion... I hope Gord's not 'outing' himself.  Tho' it wouldn't be a big shocker after that show!

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