Sunday, January 14, 2007

Operation "Birthday Car Deck-out" complete

Sorry, just one second, trying to find a good colour.


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That should do.  I was lookign for something 'birthday-ish' but ... with this background it's hard.

So A couple of days ago, Brandy and Eilidh came up to me suggseting that we hit Chris' car for his birthday.   They had the whole thing planned out after a marathon session in the Dollarama store.  It was going to be his birthday on Sunday, so they wanted to do something before then.  Here was the plan:

  • wait by his work and find his car

    • they had already staked out his work earlier and determined that he does, in fact, leave his car unlocked so that they can get in there and 'birthday-ize' it.  Ask Brandy about the daring stealth techniques and Bourne Identity style methods she used.

  • Then, find out what time he gets off work

    • That was my job (I was all coy like in asking what time does he get out of his work on Friday)

  • Deck out his car

    • Ribbons and bows, and big sheets of wrapping paper

    • duct taping his gifts to sections of his car

    • vast amounts of birthday confetti in the car

    • car decals saying "happy birthday"

    • securing helium balloons to his car

    • glass pens to write on his windows

  • Birthday cupcakes with candles that spell out "happy birthday"

  • Watching the flick "Little Miss Sunshine"

I was to be the filmographer of this whole shenanigan.  Do some sort of 'production' video stuff for it and then tape his reaction.  Oh, did I mention how they thought I should stand outside for the ... maybe 1 hour it might take for him to come out, just to get him on camera.  Well, I woulda done it.  Apparently it also involved something about decking out his house as well.

Unfortunately, the best laid plans of mice and men... well in searching for the stake out we almost RAN INTO him as he was taking his lunch break.  Sheesh... imagine driving down the road, and seeing your friend's car with a bunch of birthday stuff in the back, somebody holding conspicuous cupcakes and candles and 2 big helium balloons stashed in the back seat bobbing about.  Almost ruined the evening.

We decided that we would all wait in the car after decking it out, so that nobody froze.  So, we get to his car, and we go to town, I'm video-ing like crazy, they're TRYING to do everything they planned.  But not much really works when it's -30C.  The decals didn't stick so well, the helium balloons were deflating.  The pen had oozed out into a glob of ... ink o rsomething.  And the bows weren't sticking to well to the car.  But none the less it looked awesome.  Too bad my camcorder didn't like the cold.  Nothing turned out on video.  I think i need to take it in.

So, with about 10m left to go before he was out, I decided to find my hiding spot so I could record his reaction.  I'm all decked out with scarf and toque and big jacket.  Started thinking, hey, I look conspicuous hanging out in a parking lot with a non-descript item in my hand.  Wonder what people would think if they saw me.  Just then his co-worker's car started, I was right next to it..  I nearly had a coronary.  Jeeze.  I decided to move spots.  Just incase I ended up getting maced or something.  But really, when we met his co-worker, she was all in for what ever we were doing and offered us like a 'backstage pass' to their work and get him there as well.  But we figured the total surprise thing worked better.

He did eventually come out after we had near frostbite.  He really liked the car it seemed with his "oh good god, what now?" expression.

BTW - the movie was good!


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