Sunday, June 4, 2006

What to say

Well it's almost been a week since I've resigned..  well more now because I did say I was quitting on the Saturday and just didn't get a chance to bring in the letter until Monday... well, anways...


Apparently the famed Sears rumour mill is running rampant as always.  Anytime anybody leaves the store the rumour mill starts about how and why they left.  Pretty funny stories sometimes... outright lies, but funny.  Well they've started about me apparently.  I don't want to know.  I just don't care... I dont' want to think about it.


What I do want to think about is how my summer is going to be SO awesome.  I slept in today and missed church so Mandy thought it would be good that we enjoy the day at camp.  Man it was good.  Just doing nothing! 


I think my summer is going to shape up nicely.  3 pipeband trips, plus another wedding gig in Bayfield, the planning's in for another "guy's" canoe trip and my dad wants to go for one and mandy and I would like to head out for some camping at some point,plus there's that wedding I have to book the flights for.  It is going to be good.


Oh, last few things...

first off: Brandy, be afraid.. retribution will come to you.

second:  what do you guys think of this vest?



  1. Classy.  You sure you should be wearing something classy? :D

  2. cindy - if you wanted to remain nameless why\'d you put your email addy there?