Saturday, June 17, 2006

So I'm 29

Well I turned 29.   Not that I'm one of those birthday-phobes, but I just don't see it as a big deal.  Maybe if I was 25, 30, or something.... but 29?  No biggie!


So what happened?  Actually it was ok.


Tracy, Pete's receptionist wished me a happy birthday, my dad called me in the am to wish me as well.  Luckily the students forgot that it was my birthday (which is good because it was not a good day at school).


Poor Mandy bought me a dvd I already had, so I'm going to return it.  I feel bad when things like that happen.  She also got me a harness/carrying case for the portable DVD player.  It's fo when we go camping it can strap in between the seats and hang so we can watch movies in the aztek.


My parents wanted to do the typical birthday dinner thing, but lately I've been more about the laid back relaxing thing so I said dinner in was just fine.  We had filet mignon and my mom made me o'henry squares (which I've been craving lately) and I found my tent there.  It was a good visit with my parents.  They gave me some money to buy my vest and dad and I looked over some maps of where we'll go on our canoe trip.


I also had a chance to visit my friend Kris for a bit before I had to pick up Mandy.


I think tonight will be the 'get together.'  Myabe a movie or something, maybe a poker game.  We'll see.


Seeing as this is the first Saturday [day after my birthday] that I've had nothing to do since I quit Sears, I slept in quite heavily.  11:30!  And I should get ready for the day as Mandy called to say Cookie will be bringing my present around 12:15 [about 15m from now].  Such an odd time to say.  Oh, well.

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