Monday, July 3, 2006

Summer's officially started.

So, it's official.  I'm unemployed.  I sorta get to sleep in and I have no responsibilities.


Well not 100% true.  Tomorrow is the canoe trip.  Plus I have an interview at Hammarskjold (cross your fingers).  So I'm gonna do the interview, and change clothes right after and head out.  Because of the late start we've decided to change routes and do the Quetico trip.  I can't remember exactly.  Start at French L. and end up around Blueberry I. is what I remember.


I've been lazing about lately... just helping dad with the fence, packing for the trip, buying new gadgets and whatnot for the canoe trip.


Oh, did the Bayfield Trio Trip II.

I should do some pics up about that.  I'll do that after.


Ran into Don.  He was looking good.  tanned.  He's apparently been in town for 10 days.  Well, not exactly TOWN, but he went out to Pay's Platt and did some kayaking with his mom and then did some sailing.  He heads out tomorrow, so he gave me the obligatory breakfast.  It was good seeing him.  Don's really refreshing - he's a real 'free spirit' to sport a crappy euphamism.  But really, he does what he likes.  And if he doesn't like it that much he does something else.


So, anyways, my pack's all packed and ready, the canoe's on the truck, maps are cased away and I think I'm ready to begin this summer.  So long as my allergies don't kill me...



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