Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Starting the summer of Moore

As been dubbed by Nick this is the 'summer of moore'


What that means exactly, I'm not sure.  Hopefully it's the summer of all good things for me.  Maybe I'll get around to losing some weight.  As the bastard of a scale tells me, it hasn't happened yet.


Not that I'm going stir crazy here, but close to it.  I dont' have much to fill my time these days in between any of my outings.  2 more piping trips, 1 more canoe trip (hopefully more), one anniversary trip... what else?  Hopefully some hiking or camping.


This past weekend was good as Kelly (Mandy's sister) has come in town with Adam.  Pretty cool guy.  We got to play host to him and it was fun getting to do a bunch of 'thunder bay touristy' things.  We checked out the Fort, Kakabeka, the marina, etc...  Kinda funny when you go to these places because you haven't been there yourself in X number of years.  Refreshing we'll say.


Other than that... the days are filled with me trying to time kill.  I want to do things outdoors, but I'm relinquishing the truck to Mandy and that limits my options alot.  I walk alot more... well not alot.  I walked today.  And I walked a bit when taking Adam to the touristy things.  I'm going to walk more as the weeks progress.


Anybody got anything they want to do for the next while?  Call me... I'll be bored!



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