Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hibbing '06

Okay, been meaning to do this for a while, but .. not much to really say.  Read one blog about a band trip, and you've read them all.


This one had a few differences:

  • my bad foot made it EXCRUCIATING to do the parade.  But I made it.  I stuck myself in the back rank just so that when I screwed up the marching not many people would notice.

  • The parade was forgiving in the fact that it was FAST.  I don't think I've ever been in a parade that moved that quickly.  We only stopped once!  And that was just because we were almost at the judge's booth.  I think we finished the parade in about 30 minutes once we started moving.  Awesome!

  • Pete had to be carried to bed.  The 2nd night he fell asleep on the floor [after Jarron kissed him... ewww!]  So teh boys asked him if he was going to get to bed and he said "carry me,' so they rolled him onto a blanket and lifted it over to his mattress.  Apparently the giggling he made while being carried was hilarious.

  • on the way out of the trip I thought I'd take the main road out.  Okay, I don't know what I was thinking, but I thought it was the right way.  Instead it took us along parallel to 169... and I guess being on that wrong road got me nervous that I didn't follow it long enough to 53, so we turned off on 27.  27 looks pretty good until it turns into a dirt road.  Hmm... We eventually saw a sign that said somethign about a furniture store, so we figured there must be somebody who can tell us where we were [the only map i had didn't even have 27 on it] and there was this 'market' that put us on the right path.

  • Chris picked up a wackin' stick!

Pretty much look at the pics I've posted and they say all that's needed to be said.

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