Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm no longer unemployed...

Ok... right off the bat, I just have to apologize to Rain.  This entry may seem like I dont' want the job or something, but that's hardly the case.  Really, Rain, thanks alot.  I know you didn't probably have to.


Right, that aside.

So, I'm employed part time with www.ptcnorth.ca where Rory's girlfriend Rain works.  I guess they hit the magic number of 'students' where a TA can be allotted.  And, thanks to Rain, I am that TA.  From what I can figure out about this place from overhearing Rain and Rory talk, this is a place where peopel who are injured and can't return to their normal job come to be retrained.  It works sort of through the WSIB.


Talking with Rain it looks like the training being done will be mostly the computer type.  Learning how to use the various MS products.  Excel / Word / Outlook, etc...  My job will be to sort of 'wander' around and help out where needed.  Now, I'm just saying that because it really hasn't been said what my job is.  I do know that I start tomorrow morning.  (did i mention I'm not a morning person?)


That's right, I'm working again... real working, with a schedule and everything.  Not that it's a hectic schedule, mostly 9-1, and it works around my vacation time.  She asked when I was leaving town, when's the parades and canoe trips.  So, it's flexible enough.


I was kinda looking forward to having the days off and going camping sometime... now that's kind of out of the picture.  Hrmm...  Maybe just weekends or something we can take off.  And seeing that I'll be done at 1pm I can take off a Friday afternoon for half of Fri, then Sat-Sun.


I really do want to get out a few more times.  How many weekends do I have left:

  • JULY

  • 29-30:  Butternute parade


  • 5-6:  I'm in Toronto

  • 12-13:  free!

  • 19-20:  White River parade

  • 26-27:  boy's canoe trip


  • 2-3: free!

and no more after that.. after that school's in and I probably shouldn't be heading camping about that...


oh, well... I guess I should get ready for work tomorrow... later all

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