Monday, July 3, 2006

Bayfield Trio II

Ok, this is long overdue, but better late than never I say.


Bayfield Trip - the second coming.


Last year rory, jessome and I went and played for somebody's wedding.  I have blogged that already.

This year, Jeff arranged for myself and Joe to play in Bayfield for another wedding.  This one was sweet.


We left Saturady around 8am and started driving.  We figured we'd have trouble at the border like last year - but the border guard just said "hey, didn't you do this last year?" and then let us through no problem.  We arrived at Superior Rentals in Bayfield ( ) and the lady tried to apologize to us about the fact that she could only put us up in hte room (The Bell Tower) with 3 beds (a queen, a double futon and a double pull out).  When we told her where we stay during Applefest she said it's ok where we were.


We went down for a bite to eat and a bit of visiting in the town.  They changed the Pier entirely to be more of a pub style environment.  We look at some Monkey Business shirts and saw the gnome.  Then we went and practiced some and got "Longueval" ready.  Took a few seconds, but it sounded nice.  Then we had to change and play the waiting game at the Pickled Herring (new Pier) and hide so that nobody saw us.  See, we were a surprise for the bride.


After a bit of hiding we came out and played at the hall after the bride and groom were in.  It was a great!  It was a surprise to everybody so they were just up off their feet.  Amazing.  We played a few tunes and then they invited us to sit and eat... and eat... and eat.  And free drinks and stogies etc...  Later on in the night we played a few more tunes for them and headed on home back to the Bell Tower.  But not after talkign to a bunch of guests (one of which was a friend of Jodie... heh funny story).


The next day we had a glass of chocolate mud (partially frozen chocolate milk) and drive back to Duluth for some Blackwood's brunch and head on home.  We did have to stop in Duluth at the Last Place on Earth and in Grand Marais for The Lake Superior Trading Post ( ).  Pretty easy weekend in all.  Netted me a few dollars, easily paid for gas and some extra change.


It was just good - seeing a wedding and seeing all that family really gets ya thinking about your own family.

I guess I should have gotten some of the pictures for us playing or at least practicing - but that's kinda thing about these trips, you remember not so much about playing but about all the stuff around us.


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