Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A surreal funeral.

Having participated to a minor degree in Anthony Boneca's funeral recently I think I should write something [despite it being my 3rd blog entry today].


It's just hit home.  Alot.  He was a close friend of Rob's.  And when Lindsay described how Rob sounded when he called after it had happened I can tell that he is taking it hard.  When Rob's taking it hard it really means something.  Seeing his picture on the news and the video of him carrying the casket in Kandahar you could see that he was upset.  Rough...


Then when we, as a massed band, were asked to play at the funeral I was more than glad to do my part.  It was a privelege / honour to do it.  We didn't do much really.  As the ceremony became HUGE it got a bit congested and confusing as to what was going on, so in the beginning we played as the hearse came to the steps of the church.  Then we played after the casket was brought out.


The most predominant thing that stuck in my head as it was happening was the fact that this was... REAL.  Honestly.  I've seen the flag draped caskets in the news before, but being no more than 20' away from one, and from somebody, tho' I haven't met, was close to those who are close to me made the whole thing much much more real than anything I had expected.  It was tough to not be affected by the thought of it.


Talking with a few people we all realized how close this has affected us all.  And hopefully it will have an impact for the better.  The Rememberance Day events will have much more gravity for us all.  Maybe the Legions will become more populated and have more meaning.


Mandy's great uncle Bert remarked that it was nice that the body would be buried at home.  Unlike many of his friends who were laid to rest over seas.  Thank god it has not gotten that bad.


I was glad... it's rough to say the word glad at such a somber event... to have partaken in the event and done something to show my personal (tho' through a massed band) gratitude to Anthony.


May his family find peace.


[just a note of correction that it was not JUST our pipe band, but it was a massed pipe band of Thunder Bay, and we did not play Flowers of the Forest]

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